Client Seduction (2014) (aka: Not With My Daughter) Ally Sheedy, Rhys Ward, Annie Clark, Erik Knudsen, John Ralston, Stuart Hughes, Julia Chantrey, Jadyn Wong, Stephen MacDonald Movie Review

Client Seduction (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Ally Sheedy in Client Seduction (2014) (aka: Not With My Daughter)

Fails to Seduce

Melissa Eco (Ally Sheedy - The Interrogation of Michael Crowe) is an extremely good lawyer; unfortunately her rebellious daughter, Abby (Annie Clark), is not impressed with her mum who is known as the go to lawyer for the rich and the guilty. It is why after yet another argument between them over a guilty client she got off, Melissa seeks out a client who isn't rich and who in fact is innocent but facing trial. It is how she comes to the aid of Greg Milles (Rhys Ward - Wrong Swipe) who is charged, along with his friend Dennis (Erik Knudsen - A Teacher's Crime), of committing murder. But soon things seem to be unravelling for Melissa when she not only begins to doubt Greg's innocence but discovers that Abby has been secretly hanging around with Greg, who talked her in to doing some illegal things so that he can blackmail Melissa.

Annie Clark has attention grabbing eyes, so does Erik Knudsen whilst Rhys Ward has that pretty bad boy thing going on and then there is Ally Sheedy who has this look on her face which screams "how did I end up in this TV movie". I found myself asking that question as Ally Sheedy deserves to be in better movies than "Client Seduction", the sort of made for TV movie which ends up all about the pretty actors rather than what is going on and like so many TV movies has more than one name as it is also known as "Not With My Daughter".

Rhys Ward in Client Seduction (2014) (aka: Not With My Daughter)

Now in fairness, when "Client Seduction" started, which sounds more like the name for some sort of an adult service; I wondered where it was going, what was going to be the catch 22 which would inevitably put Melissa along with her daughter in danger. It was obvious that her daughter would be in trouble because when you start this sort of movie with a daughter rebelling against their mother you know that come the end a close encounter with danger will straighten her out and bring her back in to her mother's welcoming arms. But what was going to be the mystery surrounding Greg and Dennis. Sadly the mystery was nonsense, riddled with plot holes and contrivances and was basically ridiculous.

The knock on effect is that whilst for a while "Client Seduction" hooks you with wondering where it is going to go it then becomes about the characters and the actors; their looks, their sort of charisma, well sort of, but it makes "Client Seduction" weak and hard to watch for anyone wanting anything close to thrills and excitement.

What this all boils down to is that "Client Seduction" ends up a disappointment, a shallow thriller with a weak premise and a cast which may appeal to a younger audience due to their looks. But it delivers little for those seeking real drama.