Twin Betrayal (2018) (aka: Deadly Duplicate) Jen Lilley, Peter Douglas, Jason Olive, Nick Ballard, Yasmine Aker, Dashiell McGaha-Schletter, Peggy Blow, John Kerry, S.E. Perry Movie Review

Twin Betrayal (2018)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jen Lilley in Twin Betrayal (2018) (aka: Deadly Duplicate)

Twin Twister

Jessica Klint (Jen Lilley - Harvest Love) has had little time for herself since she separated from her husband, Lars (Peter Douglas), especially when they disagree over how their son should be raised. But with the encouragement of her friend, Madeline (Yasmine Aker), she goes on a little trip and ends up hooking up with the handsome and kind Harry (Nick Ballard - The Spruces and the Pines). Except come the morning he starts to blackmail her with footage of them having sex and unless she gives him $70,000 he is going to send the footage to Lars who hired him to seduce her. Desperate times calls for desperate measures and so Jessica gets in touch with her identical twin, Alessandra (Jen Lilley). But after Alessandra helps Jessica she wants her help in return involving a trip down to Mexico to pick up a package which ends up with death, jail and a desperate attempt to prove her innocence.

So let me waste no time and tell you that "Twin Betrayal" is a movie of head spinning twists as initially it leads you down one path, turns down a different path when we go from blackmail to Jessica then returning a favour for her twin sister and then delivers a few more twists and revelations before we get to the end. And it is certainly a good things that we have these twists and turns because whilst some of them border on the ridiculous it certainly leads you to pay attention, making you wonder where "Twin Betrayal" is going to end up, well other than Jessica in danger and desperate to prove her innocence, well that is how all of these movies end up no matter what.

What also makes "Twin Betrayal" is that this has that over the top tone when it comes to acting which lacks subtlety but adds to the entertainment, almost reminiscent of the old days of Dynasty. As such Jen Lilley is a lot of fun getting to play Jessica as an innocent who is confused by what is going on whilst then playing it over the top and scheming as Alessandra making her a type of femme fatale with the way she looks and acts sexily classy.

What this all boils down to is that "Twin Betrayal" is not a great movie, it is over the top and contrived. But it is a movie which ends up entertaining for being over the top and contrived.