A Teacher's Crime (2008) Ashley Jones, Erik Knudsen, Chris Mulkey, Art Hindle Movie Review

A Teacher's Crime (2008)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Ashley Jones in A Teacher's Crime (2008)

Teacher Treachery

Carrie Ryans (Ashley Jones - The King's Guard) finds herself not only dealing with the break down of her marriage to Dean (James Gallanders) but also starting work as a history teacher at a new school. Despite her problems she takes an interest in Jeremy (Erik Knudsen - My Husband's Double Life), a young student, who she encourages and offers to help apply for a scholarship to college. What Carrie doesn't realise is that Jeremy's uncle is Bill Rander (Chris Mulkey - Dragon Wars), a dodgy car dealer, who wants Jeremy to get close to her so that he can take compromising photos and then blackmail her with them. But things don't go to plan as Jeremy generally has feelings for Carrie and feels bad for what his uncle is up to.

Sadly "A Teacher's Crime" is one of those made for TV thrillers which treats the audience as if they are idiots. Or at least that is exactly how I felt it was treating me because during the opening few scenes it spoon fed too much information. We have Carrie and Dean's failing marriage, Bill who is in debt and clearly has a dangerous, con artist side to him plus his nephew Jeremy who he uses to pull of his cons, which generally involve blackmailing people. As such you can predict where "A Teacher's Crime" will end up going especially as Carrie's kindness towards Jeremy causes him to fall for her, especially after he learns exactly how despicable his Uncle is.

But wait there is more because "A Teacher's Crime" is also one of those movies where when Carrie's father says to her, in a less than subtle way, that he is proud of her you can guess there is some thing bad which is going to befall the old guy. I could sadly go on as scene after scene has something wrong with it, such as when a stand in teacher tells the class personal details surrounding someone else. What it does is to make "A Teacher's Crime" not only a bad movie for all these issues but one which is less than thrilling.

What this all boils down to is that "A Teacher's Crime" is sadly one of those made for TV thrillers where the flaws really do spoil it with the worst of these being that it treats the audience like they are incapable of working anything out for themselves.