Deadly Exchange (2017) Lindsay Hartley, Cynthia Watros, Valentina Novakovic, Victoria Konefal, Jason-Shane Scott, Joanne Baron, Robert F. Lyons, Rhys Matthew Bond Movie Review

Deadly Exchange (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Valentina Novakovic and Victoria Konefal in Deadly Exchange (2017)

She's No Mary Poppins

It's been a while since Samantha's (Lindsay Hartley - Deadly Attraction) husband passed away and she finds herself starting to date again when she asked out by the handsome Scott (Jason-Shane Scott - The Wrong Student). That is not the only new thing going on in Samantha's life as with her daughter, Blake (Victoria Konefa - The Wrong Crush), they are playing host to Chloe (Valentina Novakovic - Unwanted Guest), a foreign exchange student from Britain. But as soon as Chloe arrives things between Blake and her boyfriend, Jack (Rhys Matthew Bond), get awkward and when Jack ends up dying in suspicious circumstances Samantha takes it upon herself to get to the bottom or things. The question is; will Samantha be prepared for what she finds out?

I am not sure what I found more annoying in "Deadly Exchange", the fact that it starts with us watching Chloe killing someone or whether she has the sort of British accent which I last heard in "Mary Poppins", don't think I have ever heard a teen say pish-posh. What this means is that on one hand "Deadly Exchange" is another movie which ends up a procession through the obvious as the unhinged Chloe eliminates anyone who threatens to reveal the truth about her being unhinged and dangerous. And on the other we get Chloe being ever so nice and making the characters in "Made in Chelsea" sound like they belong in "The Only Way is Essex".

But alongside the unsurprisingly attractive cast, there are far too many beautiful people in this, what we have is motive. And that is where "Deadly Exchange" kind of works because why Chloe is up to what she is differs from the norm. In fairness her motive is a bit weird but it certainly provides for some entertaining scenes when it comes to what Chloe gets up to, especially the way she creates drama.

What this all boils down to is that "Deadly Exchange" is one of those movies which is weak yet it is still strangely entertaining due to the manipulative nature of Chloe, well that and her comically bad accent as well as a cast of attractive people.