Wrong Swipe (2016)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Anna Hutchison and Karissa Lee Staples in Wrong Swipe (2016) (aka: Killer Date)

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Following the murder of her father a few years earlier Anna (Anna Hutchison) has split her self between her reclusive mother and studying at law school whilst her sister Sasha (Karissa Lee Staples) has reconnected with Matt (Rhys Ward), a high school boyfriend thanks to the dating app Swipe. It is thanks to Sasha thinking Anna needs to loosen up that she puts her on Swipe and Anna ends up on a series of dates including the handsome architect Pete (Philipp Karner). But Anna also discovers how creepy the app is with it telling you how close a crush is, whilst she starts receiving creepy messages from an anonymous user.

Do you know what the worst thing is being a movie reviewer? I end up watching a lot of bleugh, movies which even before they start fail to fill me with any enthusiasm. "Wrong Swipe", which is also known as "Killer Date", is one of those movies as here we have yet another movie which uses online danger as the basis of its story and in this case we have a dating app behind all the trouble as an attractive young student finds herself being harassed by a mystery man after she signs up to the app.

Now in fairness "Wrong Swipe" does have some fun with the whole creepiness of dating apps and apps in general with Anna walking along and getting alerts to a Swipe crush being nearby although you know right away when things start kicking off come the end of the movie that location thing will most likely come in to play. The trouble is that when you strip away the little details such as the ability of cell phones you end up with a typical, modern made for TV stalker movie with a young woman going through the motions of being harassed by a mystery man then taking matters in to her own hands. It is so typical with sadly some modern over acting and forced creepiness that it becomes a movie which loses your attention.

The biggest problem with "Wrong Swipe" is the simple fact you just don't care enough in the characters to be interested who the mystery stalker is. That issue comes from this being yet another movie which fails to really deliver character depth. And instead what "Wrong Swipe" does is rely on the looks and the likeable nature of the stars such as Anna Hutchison and Karissa Lee Staples to keep you entertained.

What this all boils down to is that "Wrong Swipe" is in many ways typical of modern made for TV thrillers which rely heavily on the cast's appeal more than anything. But whilst those new to the world of TV movies might find it entertaining those who have watched those from the 90s might find it weak in comparison.