Abducted (2015) Kathleen Rose Perkins, Kamar de los Reyes, Marcela Mar, Luis Fernando Hoyos Movie Review

Abducted (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Kathleen Rose Perkins in Abducted (2015)

A Kidnapping in Colombia

After her marriage failed, Caitlin Shaker (Kathleen Rose Perkins - How Sarah Got Her Wings) met Javier Moreno (Kamar de los Reyes - LA Apocalypse), a millionaire Colombian industrialist, who she married and who became stepfather to her daughter, moving to live in Colombia with him. But things go bad one night when their babysitter couldn't make it on time and so Caitlin and Javier head to a nearby restaurant for a business meeting with first Javier returning to check up on his stepdaughter and then Caitlin. But when Caitlin returns her daughter is not there and the local police, after a short investigation, arrest Javier for the suspected murder of his step-daughter. Alone in a foreign country and with the press turning on her for leaving her child alone in her room Caitlin sets about doing what ever it takes to find her daughter.

There have sadly been so many cases of child abduction over the years I would imagine that anyone who watches "Abducted", which is also known as "Abducted: The Jocelyn Shaker Story", might find themselves thinking about a case they have heard about in the press. For me the opening of "Abducted" which saw Caitlin and Javier leaving their daughter in their apartment whilst they go for a business meal made me think of Kate and Gerry McCann and the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine McCann. But this movie isn't based on that story and as far as I am aware this is purely fictitious but you can see that the set up is influenced by true stories such as in the scene where we see the press turn of Caitlin and Javier when they give a press conference.

The thing about "Abducted" is that for about the first 20 minutes there is a bit of realism to the story as you spot the real life influences. But then there comes a point where for me it becomes a work of fiction as Caitlin having found herself getting no help from the officials takes matters in to her own hands and starts doing her own investigating. This leads her to work with a female cop who finds herself struggling with the sexism amongst her colleagues who think she is only useful as a traffic cop. I won't go in to detail about what happens but we are in the realms of Caitlin doing things which in real life normal people don't do even when they get really desperate. But there is a certain amount of mystery as to who is behind it all which helps to keep you entertained.

What this all boils down to is that "Abducted" is in the end just a well made but typical Lifetime movie about a mum doing what ever it takes to get her abducted daughter back whilst in a foreign country.