Stalker's Prey (2017) (aka: Hunter's Cove) Movie Review

Stalker's Prey (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Saxon Sharbino and Cynthia Gibb in Stalker's Prey (2017) (aka: Hunter's Cove)

Watch Out for Bruce

After her mum, Sandy (Cynthia Gibb - Broadcasting Christmas), catches her getting it on with her boyfriend in his car in front of her home Laura (Saxon Sharbino - Saxon Sharbino) finds herself grounded despite it being her birthday. It doesn't stop her sneaking out to go on a boat with her boyfriend, a major mistake as they go swimming and end up attacked by a shark. Whilst her boyfriend is killed Laura is saved by Bruce (Mason Dye - Flowers in the Attic) who sees they're in trouble from his boat and comes to her rescue. Whilst Laura recovers from the trauma and injuries Bruce becomes a local hero, one who is clearly smitten with Laura although she isn't ready to start a new relationship just yet. But with Bruce turning up all the time Laura begins to feel like he is stalking her and is becoming possessive, not that her mum sees it.

It all started so well, almost with a bang as not only did the mum catch her daughter getting frisky with her boyfriend in his car outside the house but then we got the shark attack. Now it isn't the most terrifying of shark attack scenes you will ever come across but it is effective. The trouble is that whilst "Stalker's Prey", which is also known as "Hunter's Cove", has this interesting idea of the guy who saved a girl, becoming a small town hero in the process, turning stalker the movie suffers because there is no subtlety to it. As such not long after Bruce saves Laura we watch him creeping in to her hospital bedroom and sniffing her hands as she sleeps.

Mason Dye in Stalker's Prey (2017) (aka: Hunter's Cove)

Unfortunately whilst we also get a twist involving Bruce's past there is again that big issue of not being subtle about it. In fact "Stalker's Prey" ends up one of those movies which feel like it needs to tell you everything which leads to many a scene where the dialogue ends up painfully forced. On top of that when it comes to Bruce's stalking antics things get seriously contrived although kind of entertaining when he shows up in Laura's life in a surprising way. In truth one of the most entertaining things about "Stalker's Prey" is that we have a movie involving a shark attack and a bad guy named Bruce.

What this all boils down to is that "Stalker's Prey" has some entertaining ideas when it comes to the movie's set-up. But sadly it suffers from some poorly written dialogue, some unsubtle acting and a script which feels the need to tell the audience everything rather than allowing them to work things out for themselves.