Collision Course (2013) David Chokachi, Tia Carrere, Meghan McLeod, Tim Abell, Janis Peebles Movie Review

Collision Course (2013)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Tia Carrere and David Chokachi in Collision Course (2013)

Mum on a Plane

Following her husband's death in a plane crash, Kate Parks (Tia Carrere - Final Recourse) wrote a book claiming a cover up and has spent the last year on what feels like a permanent book tour but finally is heading home to her teenage daughter. It is how she finds herself on a rescheduled plane with Jake Ross (David Chokachi - Jet Stream), who as an executive of the airline is doing two weeks working as a flight attendant to appreciate what they do. But when a solar flare causes the plane to lose its communications system and causes the pilot to die, whilst knocking unconscious the co-pilot, it will be up to Kate and Jake to not only maintain calm on the plane but try and bring the plane down safely. Easier said than done when they have lost all communications with air traffic control and a couple of rednecks claim another passenger is a terrorist.

It's been a while but oh how I have missed you. No I am not writing a love letter but it has been probably getting on for a year since I watched and reviewed one of these bad sci-fi disaster movies and I can't believe it but I actually miss them. Anyway let me get to the basics of "Collision Course"; well we have a variety of people on a plane from a writer to a couple of rednecks who claim another passenger is a terrorist because of the colour of their skin. But what we also have is a solar flare putting the plane and its passengers in peril as well as a few connected people down on the ground.

So the set up is simple as is the unfolding drama as not only do we have the redneck and his friend going full bigot on the passenger who they think is a terrorist but back on the ground we have Kate's daughter panicking about her mum on the plane. Of course "Collision Course" tries to be clever because Kate's husband died in a plane crash which she claims was a cover up in her book. And it tries to get down and personal as Kate and her daughter haven't gotten on very well since Kate became obsessed with proving her husband was innocent. But in the end "Collision Course" is just one of those typical, bad special effect filled sci-fi disaster movies where a couple of people save the day and of course become fond of each other.

What this all boils down to is that if you have a perverse fondness for bad sci-fi/disaster movies you will probably enjoy "Collision Course" despite not delivering anything particularly new. But if you don't like bad movies you are best stay well clear of this.