Jet Stream (2013) David Chokachi, Ruth Kearney, Steven Hartley, Don Michael Paul Movie Review

Jet Stream (2013)   2/52/52/52/52/5

David Chokachi in Jet Stream (2013)

Stream of Steaming Something

Steve 'Sunny' Simpson (David Chokachi - Collision Course) is the cheerful weatherman who brings you your daily dose of what the weather is doing if you live in the Washington area. But Steve is more than just a presenter as he has been tracking a series of weather phenomena which he believes are connected to a series of disasters from plane crashes to towns being destroyed. Steve's theory involves the super fast jet streams which circle the planet way up in the upper atmosphere as he believes these deadly 500 mph winds are dropping closer to the planet and if he is right there isn't much time to save the planet before it is battered by the extreme winds of the jet stream.

Have you ever sat there watching a movie and suddenly you sort of wake up and realise you are half way in and nothing has really happened and all you have had is noise plus filler which has caused you to start day dreaming. That is what happened to me as I watched "Jet Stream", not just one but twice as I re-watched it in case during my filler induced day dreaming I had missed something critical, I hadn't. Not that I am surprised as everything about "Jet Stream" screams weak due to it being a made for TV disaster movie which trades as much on its problems as it does on what it gets right.

Steven Hartley in Jet Stream (2013)

Now if you have had the dubious pleasure of watching other made for TV disaster movies you will know how "Jet Stream" goes; we have the forewarnings of a major disaster with one person trying to highlight the danger. We have the matter of national security with a government agency he ends up helping and the ticking clock till the major disaster is due to destroy the planet unless the hero can come up with a way to prevent mother nature kicking mankind's lazy butt. And of course all of this is accompanied by some less than believable special effects. In truth you don't need to know the details as the details are unimportant as "Jet Stream" is not a movie for those seeking something to engage their brain with.

Unfortunately whilst "Jet Stream" expectedly doesn't work as a serious disaster movie it doesn't work that well as one which is enjoyably bad either. It has all the ingredients; the bad dialogue, the ridiculous science as well as the hilariously false special effects but it just isn't even amusing. Maybe it is because at the centre of this is David Chokachi playing his part with the self depreciating humour and cheeky charm which actually weakens the enjoyably bad stuff. Doing better at selling the enjoyably bad stuff is former "Bill" actor Steven Hartley who plays it over the top but is sadly not in the movie enough.

What this all boils down to is that "Jet Stream" is weak, so weak that within minutes of it starting it struggles to get or keep hold of your attention. Unfortunately it is not even an enjoyably bad movie and if it wasn't for the fact it is a proper production and not some home made movie I would have rated it lower.