Asteroid vs. Earth (2014) Tia Carrere, Jason Brooks, Robert Davi, Darin Cooper directed by Christopher Ray Movie Review

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Robert Davi in Asteroid vs. Earth (2014)

Did the Earth Move for You

When a college intern spots a giant meteor is on a crash course with Earth, a full military operation lead by General Masterson (Robert Davi - Blood of Redemption) springs into action. Whilst Masterson and his advisors initially think their best option is to blow up the meteor with nukes the intern explains it won't work and suggests the best option is to try and shift the Earth off of its core with strategically placed nukes in the Yapp trench to create a series of earthquakes. With a team including geologist Marissa Knox (Tia Carrere - Collision Course) and submarine expert Lt. Commander Chase Seward (Jason Brooks - Keeping Up with the Randalls) they set about saving the planet.

With a Yippee-Kay-Aye the American's take it upon themselves to save the planet again with a hair brained idea which would make Wile E. Coyote look like Albert Einstein. But of course the ridiculousness of not only the plan but the entire movie is the appeal of "Asteroid vs. Earth", another movie which has escaped from The Asylum. And whilst I can't even attempt to sell "Asteroid vs. Earth" as a good movie it is one I can sell as being enjoyably bad, which is what most people who choose to watch this would be hoping for.

Tia Carrere and Jason Brooks in Asteroid vs. Earth (2014)

Now I don't really need to go in to the plot because it is pretty self explanatory but I will say that on top of the main meteor heading for Earth danger we have other issues from personal issues which affect things as a soldier and his boyfriend argue through to a father in law despising his son in law and bossing him around. It makes "Asteroid vs. Earth" even more contrived but in a fun way with things spiralling out of control.

But here is the thing about "Asteroid vs. Earth" and the thing which I can't believe I am about to say but they got something right. Instead of just tossing fake looking special effects at us we get tossed a range of characters from the cocky intern who comes up with the plan to make the Earth move to the various experts and then the soldier with issues with his boyfriend. It is the variety of characters that end up being so much fun. Eventually the focus does switch to more special effects and action but the build up and the characters are where "Asteroid vs. Earth" actually works in that entertainingly bad way.

What this all boils down to is that unlike some of these disaster movies from The Asylum "Asteroid vs. Earth" whilst still ridiculous and generally bad is more entertaining and in truth in parts is actually enjoyable.