A Snow White Christmas (2018) Michelle Randolph, Carolyn Hennesy, Liam McNeill, Rich Barnes, Colt Prattes, Naheem Garcia, Lisa Lynch, Rose Weaver Movie Review

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A Snow White Christmas (2018)

A Christmas Pantomime

Blanca Snow (Michelle Randolph) will, on Christmas Day, inherit the business her late father left her. That is if her scheming stepmother, Victoria (Carolyn Hennesy - A Kind of Magic), and her minion, Zane (Rich Barnes), don't get Blanca out of the picture first. With the aid of a hypnotist, Victoria and Zane cause Blanca to forget who she is and leave her in a motel where she ends up befriending a band of musicians who are playing there in the lead up to Christmas. To make sure that Blanca doesn't return Victoria has Hunter (Liam McNeill), an artist, to stay at the motel, oblivious to the fact he is being used by Victoria. But maybe Hunter is the key to Blanca getting her memory back and returning in time to inherit all that she is due to get.

Fairytales are for the young, or at least that is how I feel having watched the okay but not remarkable "A Snow White Christmas". Here we have a take on the fairytale of Snow White with Blanca having a wicked stepmother who has a minion to do her dirty work. There is also a prince of sorts in the full of himself Lucas Prince and also a Hunter in an artist by the name of Hunter. And in a way it does bring enough of the original fairytale with a few changes to work for an audience who might find it sweet.

But the thing about "A Snow White Christmas" is that at times it feels like you are watching a pantomime. Carolyn Hennesy seems to be channelling Sharon Osbourne when it comes to the scheming stepmother whilst Rich Barnes, seems to have been watching "The Aristocats" and tried to deliver a more snivelling version of Edgar the butler. But the thing about "A Snow White Christmas" is that it is impossible to watch and not to take note of how attractive Michelle Randolph is as Blanca and it is easy to become distracted by her looks and not pay attention to everything else even if her delivery is in fitting with everything else, which means it is a bit pantomime like.

What this all boils down to is that "A Snow White Christmas" is an okay movie with some plus points, Michelle Randolph being one of them. But for me it is a movie which feels in style like it has been made for a younger audience than me.

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