Christmas Next Door (2017) Movie Review

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Fiona Gubelmann and Jesse Metcalfe in Christmas Next Door (2017)

Christmas Change

Eric Redford (Jesse Metcalfe - A Country Wedding) doesn't do two things; Christmas and commitment, he is a confirmed bachelor who has made a living out of being one by writing guides for living life as a bachelor. But his dislike for Christmas puts him at odds with his Christmas loving neighbour, violinist April (Fiona Gubelmann - Tulips in Spring), who's teaching of music lessons from her home is another thing which gets under his skin. But with a book deadline due Eric finds himself having to call on April's advice when with a week to Christmas he has to look after his nephew and niece. Forced to spend time being with April, looking after children and doing Christmas makes Eric reconsider what is important whilst finding himself encouraging April to audition for a part in an orchestra.

Decorations, appealing cast and some romance are the basic ingredients of many a Hallmark Christmas movie and they are the ingredients which fill up "Christmas Next Door". Unfortunately whilst some Hallmark Christmas movies manage to build on these to deliver some thing special and memorable "Christmas Next Door" is only routine with a storyline that sees Eric falling for April and opening himself up to love as well as Christmas. Yes there is depth to both why Eric is a relationship phobic Christmas grinch whilst April fears auditioning despite being talented, but it doesn't have that emotional depth, touching side to make this a special Hallmark Christmas movie.

But as someone who loves the fun and innocent nature of a Hallmark Christmas movie "Christmas Next Door" delivers what I want. It starts with Jesse Metcalfe and Fiona Gubelmann who have a relaxed acting style and look good in seasonal clothing. Then we have snow covered streets, Christmas stalls lining those streets, lots of lights and just as many garlands. But to be honest there is nothing specific about the movie's look which would make it stand out from the crowd and become memorable.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas Next Door" is simply your run of the mill Hallmark Christmas movie which isn't a bad thing as it delivers everything that fans of these movies love. But there is nothing in this Christmas offering which makes it stand out from the crowd.

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