A Kind of Magic (2015) (aka: You Cast a Spell on Me) Ryan McPartlin, Azie Tesfai, Damien Bodie, Amanda Carlin Movie Review

A Kind of Magic (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

A Kind of Magic (2015) (aka: You Cast a Spell on Me)

Not That Magical

35 year old Matt (Ryan McPartlin - The Flight Before Christmas) is handsome, charming, single and also a warlock which combined with his charm makes him lethal when it comes to women. The one woman he isn't lethal with is his mother who because Matt is 35 and won't settle down arranges a wedding to a witch of her choosing, who just happens to be his friend Lizzy (Briana Lane). With just a week to go before he will have to tie the knot Matt heads to a Halloween party where he meets Sara (Nikki Deloach - Christmas Land) and falls for her after they spend the entire night chatting. But when they kiss not only does it lead to Matt losing some of his magic powers but for Sara gaining some. Whilst a cause of concern for Matt the strangeness which now enters Sara's life causes chaos especially as she is a psychiatrist who rationalizes everything.

Movies about witches kind of work because they tend to be playful, but a movie about a warlock who is a smooth operator, that is actually a bit creepy. Take for example a scene early on where Matt goes into a coffee shop and touches the assistant's elbow and she becomes putty in his hands as she swoons over him, it just doesn't feel right. Of course Matt being a charmer is not what "A Kind of Magic", which is also known as "You Cast a Spell on Me", is about as instead we have the romance of Matt falling for Sara and the transference of his powers to her causing chaos and confusion. The thing is that whilst some of this is fun it isn't enough to sustain an entire movie and for a while it feels like there are too many set pieces of Sara unintentionally doing magic.

But "A Kind of Magic" like so many TV movies is one of those movies which is as much about the look than anything else. Now whilst Ryan McPartlin may come across as a little creepy at times he certainly has the looks which you expect from the male lead and in his range of clothes he wears there is something a bit male model going on at times. But his good looks works well with those of Nikki Deloach who is certainly loveable as Sara.

What this all boils down to is that "A Kind of Magic" is light hearted fun and typical of the made for TV romantic genre. It isn't anything special and ultimately is predictable but if you enjoy the light hearted nature of made for TV movies this will pass some time.