Shark Zone (2003) starring Dean Cochran, Alan Austin, Brandi Sherwood, Velizar Binev, Luke Leavitt directed by Danny Lerner Movie Review

Shark Zone (2003)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Dean Cochran in Shark Zone (2003)

Sharks Growl Whilst You Groan

Ignoring the opening of "Shark Zone" for a moment and "Shark Zone" basically feels like a remake of "Jaws" or at least a movie which is more influenced by it that many shark movies. But that isn't the worst thing about this direct to video movie by a long shot and within the first 10 minutes I wrote down a surprising amount of things which were bad. In truth that didn't surprise me as "Shark Zone" looked like it would be a bad movie, I hoped it would be a bad movie but unfortunately it was never entertainingly bad which is what I was really hoping for. Sadly that means that "Shark Zone" ends up a slog rather than a laugh fest.

10 years after a diving incident where everyone else, including his father, was killed by sharks Jimmy Wagner (Dean Cochran) is still plagued by nightmares of sharks. Despite that he has made a career out of sharks and now he finds himself having to protect a small community from sharks which are threatening their beach and the annual festival.

To be honest "Shark Zone" is so bad that it would be futile to even to try and write a serious review of it because frankly doesn't merit it. But to give you some idea of the various elements of badness which make this movie terrible here is a selection.

Can sharks growl? From my understanding Sharks can't growl but they certainly growl in this movie in fact they grown more than lions. As for the sharks well most of the shark footage looks like it has come from nature documentaries except when we see them attack at which point they look fake. Then we have some diving scenes and not only do we get a sunken boat barely beneath the waters surface but you can clearly see that it was filmed in a tank. Add to that a lot of terrible dialogue, worse acting and with it featuring a beach some bikini clad and topless babes to set the scene. I could go on because I have barely scratched the surface of what is bad.

What this all boils down to is that I cannot give you a reason to watch "Shark Zone" as whilst you expect a bad movie and it delivers lots of bad elements it is never entertainingly bad.

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