Toxic Shark (2017) Movie Review

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Toxic Shark (2017)

Shark Fever

On a small island in the middle of nowhere a holiday resort attracts singles for sun, sea, sand and ... well that depends on if they meet someone they like. But what the various singletons don't expect is sharks and in particular one which not only attacks its prey by ripping them to shreds but also fires a poison at them which in turn has caused the water around the island to become toxic. It means we have a battle to survival for these fun seeking guests and the resort's staff, as those infected with the poison become animalistic and aggressive.

Girls in bikinis and guys in the sort of tight t-shirts which fit like a second skin to show off big guns, dancing pecs and six packs. That is at least what 50% of "Toxic Shark" is about which to be honest shouldn't be much of a surprise. The other 50% basically mostly consists of a shark leaping out of the water, shredding its victims and firing its toxic green poison at them which in turn causes those infected to become aggressive. Oh there is about 1% of this other half which sees one of the women on the island, there with friends to get over her ex, having to deal with her ex being there with his brain cell deficient friends. And would you believe it, this young woman who has a shark phobia having some sort of magnetic bracelet which is suppose to repel them.

As such "Toxic Shark" is really as basic as they come and its only USP is that we have a shark with some sort of poison shooting ability which in turn is turning the water toxic. Unsurprisingly it isn't enough to entertain as are revelations such as the cable providing phone service with the mainland being severed. Yet whilst "Toxic Shark" is just some weak shark horror nonsense I will say one thing for it, the young actors at least manage to deliver lines in a manner which made me believe they were trying and had learned them rather than just quickly memorising them prior to shooting a scene.

What this all boils down to is that "Toxic Shark" is just another creature feature involving a shark with a USP of being toxic. Yes there is an add on of those who become infected turning aggressive but it isn't enough to stop "Toxic Shark"from being just another daft shark movie.

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