Mega Shark vs. Kolossus (2015) Illeana Douglas, Amy Rider, Brody Hutzler, Adam Dunnells Movie Review

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Mega Shark vs. Kolossus (2015)

Mega Nothing

Trouble is emerging off of the coast of Brazil when Admiral Titus Jackson (Ernest Thomas) finds himself and his crew having to deal with some Russians trying to tap in to a new source of energy. But it doesn't end well when another Mega Shark is unintentionally released causing death and destruction in its wake. But elsewhere some Russian mercenaries awaken a different sort of monster, a giant robot known as "Kolossus" which has been kept in storage ever since the end of the Cold War. With a Mega Shark and a Kolossus on the loose it can only mean that there will be trouble ahead.

I wonder when having made a monster movie for "The Asylum" known actors do the equivalent of the walk of shame when the production is over, returning home and regretting what they have done, unable to put the horrific experience and shame of it all out of their minds. Take Illeana Douglas, a fine actress with movies such as "Alive" and "Cape Fear" to her name whilst being the granddaughter of acting legend Melvyn Douglas; surely she must have felt some sort of embarassment for appearing in "Mega Shark vs. Kolossus".

Okay I am getting off the point so to put it simply "Mega Shark vs. Kolossus" is another ridiculous movie from The Asylum with nothing about it which is noteworthy. But then that is sadly what you expect from one of these movies and The Asylum has found themselves being the masters of the niche of making intentionally bad movies out of ridiculous ideas. It is the only reason you would chose to watch "Mega Shark vs. Kolossus", to see how bad it is and in the hope that the badness will be entertaining. But it isn't and in truth this is one of those movies which disappoints for never truly embracing its badness.

What this all boils down to is that "Mega Shark vs. Kolossus" is just some more late night TV nonsense from The Asylum which sadly is not as entertainingly bad as it could have been. So in the end rather than being entertainingly ridiculous this just ends up a painful slog through a ridiculous idea.

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