Stalked at 17 (2012) Taylor Spreitler, Charles Hittinger, Amy Pietz, Brian Krause, Linda Purl, Jamie Luner Movie Review

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Taylor Spreitler in Stalked at 17 (2012)

Innocence & Lies

Angela (Taylor Spreitler) was only 16 when she met 21 year old Chad (Charles Hittinger), having been invited to a college party whilst visiting prospective colleges. One thing leads to another and before she knows it she is suffering morning sickness and facing the fact that she will be a mum when she is 17. Despite not being planned Chad wants to stand by Angela which doesn't go down well with her parents who are angry at him for sleeping with their teenage daughter. Unfortunately Angela discovers Chad is not the nice guy she thought he was, in fact he turns out to be an abusive liar who promises to change but never does. After Angela has enough and tells Chad to leave her and their baby alone he swears that he is going to hunt her down and kill her.

"Stalked at 17" makes the fatal mistake some TV movies do and that is to start with a hugely dramatic scene before then jumping back to the start. As such we open up with a scene of Angela at home with a baby and then a man breaks in and holds her at gun point. Jump back a year and we discover the attacker is the nice guy Chad who Angela meets on a tour of a college campus and ends up pregnant after the first time they sleep together. And before we are even 30 minutes in to "Stalked at 17" we have discovered that Chad has emotional issues, lies, is prone to losing his temper whilst he is also an adopted child with his real mother currently in prison. As such you can easily guess the steps which are going to take us back to that opening scene with Angela getting wise to the fact that Chad is a lying psycho who is dangerous.

Charles Hittinger in Stalked at 17 (2012)

What this means is that with all the build up in "Stalked at 17" being routine this movie comes down to two things. The first of these is whether or not it will actually do something different with the scenes which come after Chad breaks in and holds Angela at gun point, I will leave it up to you to watch and find out. The other is the acting and to be honest I watched "Stalked at 17" partly because of Taylor Spreitler and I am sure there will be many who will also watch because of her. And it is Spreitler's appeal more than anything which keeps this watch able, yet like all the other "... at 17" movies her character is pretty forgettable as are all the others, including Chad.

What this all boils down to is that "Stalked at 17" is nothing special and is just another made for TV movie which takes a familiar theme and worked in to a teen drama. But it means that this story of a psycho boyfriend who is controlling and abusive ends up nothing more than text book.