Daughter for Sale (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Emily Rose in Daughter for Sale (2017)

A Taken Judge's Daughter

Carly O'Neil (Emily Tennant) has always had a difficult relationship with her mum, Annalise (Emily Rose), ever since she and her dad split and knows things are likely to get worse now that her mum has become a judge. It is why after the latest row that Carly runs away, some thing she has done before and always returned having calmed down after spending time with friends. But Annalise feels this time some thing has happened as Carly doesn't text or ring leading to her asking for the help of her old friend detective Sutton (Chris Kalhoon) whilst also speaking to John Gallant (Antonio Cupo) who runs a centre for runaway teenagers. What Annalise doesn't know is that her daughter has been taken and will be shipped overseas to the highest bidder as part of a trafficking ring.

That synopsis makes "Daughter for Sale" sound like a typical made for TV thriller as we have a daughter who ends up being kidnapped as part of a human trafficking ring. As such there is a very routine side to this movie as we have Annalise using her contacts and friendships to try and find her daughter whilst having to deal with her friend detective trying to ease her fears as there is major news over teenage girls being abducted into trafficking rings. Basically you know that come the end of the movie there will be danger as Annalise takes matters in to her own hands.

Emily Tennant in Daughter for Sale (2017)

But there are a couple of other things going on in "Daughter for Sale" one of which it tries to highlight some of the sides of the trafficking storyline as now only do we see how the police don't like concerned parents going to the media but we also see Carly talking to other abducted girls and so we get their back stories such as having runaway from abusive parents. But within the first 30 minutes of the movie we learn who the mastermind is behind things and without giving too much away it is one of the people who Annalise thinks is on her side and trying to help. Unfortunately by telling us so early on it robs the movie of any real suspense and makes it a movie which builds to Annalise learning the truth and then getting in danger by trying to bring the person down.

What this all boils down to is that "Daughter for Sale" is sadly jus a routine made for TV movie using the abducted daughter storyline but doing little with it to make this stand out from the crowd.