High School Possession (2014) Jennifer Stone, Janel Parrish, Shanley Caswell, Ione Skye, Kelly Hu, William McNamara, Chris Brochu, Ana Walczak, Bailey Anne Borders, August Roads Movie Review

High School Possession (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

High School Possession (2014)

A Lifetime of Possession

Chloe (Jennifer Stone - Mean Girls 2) and Lauren (Janel Parrish) have been friends for ages but after Chloe's parents separated she started to change; becoming moody, temperamental and getting in to plenty of trouble as she gets kicked off of the school's football team. Lauren, who is a college journalist, has found herself becoming involved with the religious crowd after agreeing to attend a friend's youth meeting, but is stunned as she witnesses them performing an exorcism on a girl. Wondering if it will help Chloe she turns to her religious friends and asks them to perform an exorcism on Chloe unaware that after Chloe slept with a boyfriend of one of the girl's in the church youth group she wants revenge.

Well I've got to give credit where it is due and I don't remember coming across another made for TV movie with a storyline like the one in "High School Possession". Yes there are movies with similar parts but this combination is unusual, although never mistake unusual for good as not all movies which have a different storyline end up working. And sadly "High School Possession" is one of those movies because in trying to appeal to a younger, horror loving audience it ends up coming across as ridiculous. That ridiculousness comes firstly from Chloe's supposed possession as she turns in to a zombie like teen but secondly there is the dialogue with such bad lines as "That was pretty Ryan Gosling of me", said by a young teen after making a move on a girl.

The thing is that because "High School Possession" is different when it comes to the storyline as it combines friendship, exorcism, mental health alongside the more common revenge element it does keep you watching. And in fairness it does under play part of the set up which makes you wonder where exactly the storyline is going to end up as we watch Chloe become increasingly troubled the longer the movie goes on, maybe if you watch you will become troubled also.

What this all boils down to "High School Possession" is ridiculous, different and entertaining which makes it a movie which whilst keeping my attention I often found myself groaning at again and again, especially when it comes to the dialogue.