Mystery Woman: In the Shadows (2007) Kellie Martin, Clarence Williams III, Nina Siemaszko, Casey Sander Movie Review

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Kellie Martin in Mystery Woman: In the Shadows (2007)

The End is Nigh

Due to his mysterious past Philby (Clarence Williams III) had already met Alexsandr (Malachi Throne) in their past lives but times have changed and Alexsandr, a former KGB spy, is now a writer of crime stories who is about to expose a mole with in the American Secret Service. But before he can he is murdered and in the process Samantha (Kellie Martin) is seriously injured and ends up in the Intensive Care Unit. With Samantha out of action Philby sets about trying to solve the crime whilst Chief Connors' caring side comes out as he personally takes it upon himself to protect her.

What an interesting and some may say serious way to bring the "Mystery Woman" series of TV movies to a close with a storyline which focuses more on the peripheral characters of Philby, Connors and Samantha's friend Cassie as they work together to solve the case whilst Samantha is hospitalized. Of course the chances are that the network just decided to call it a day before the franchise had become too repetitive and so maybe it was not such a bad thing.

The irony is that whilst "Mystery Woman: In the Shadows" does switch things up with Samantha's friends doing the running around it feels exactly like any of the previous movies in the series with that lightness of touch when it comes to the mystery and the danger. But it is the simple things such as showing Chief Connors caring side which makes the movie more entertaining than you might expect.

What this all boils down to is that "Mystery Woman: In the Shadows" is very much a typical "Mystery Woman" movie even though the focus is more on the supporting characters this time around.

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