Undercover Bridesmaid (2012) Brooke Burns, Gregory Harrison, Nicole Paggi, Justin Baldoni Movie Review

Undercover Bridesmaid (2012)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Brooke Burns in Undercover Bridesmaid (2012)

Miss Congeniality 3-ish

Tanya (Brooke Burns - A Star for Christmas) is an expert female bodyguard who loves her job protecting people from what ever danger comes their way, be it dictators or the mob. But Tanya is not a girly girl and when Texan born tycoon Mr. Thompson (Gregory Harrison - Nothing Lasts Forever) wants to hire security for his daughter Daisy's (Nicole Paggi - Frozen Impact) upcoming wedding because of some threatening letters, Tanya is not happy about doing it. Not only does Tanya hate weddings but having to masquerade as a bridesmaid for the bubbly Daisy is her worst nightmare. And with various people from disgruntled business partners to playboy cousins around there are a few suspects as well as a handsome young man who distracts her.

Yes "Undercover Bridesmaid" is not only a Hallmark movie but clearly a movie which has been influenced by "Miss Congeniality" with a tough female bodyguard living a nightmare as she has to hang around with Daisy's girly bridesmaids who scream and giggle loudly. It is not an exact copy as Tanya is not a slob but instead is already attractive with it being a case that she doesn't do girly girl and finds Daisy's friends giving her headache as she tries to act like them. Sadly this isn't that funny and if you too don't like screaming girly girls there is a chance you will be cringing as much as Tanya as "Undercover Bridesmaid" becomes a little headache inducing.

But of course "Undercover Bridesmaid" is more than just giggly girls screaming and with this being a Hallmark movie there is some romance in there as Tanya finds her head turned by a handsome young man who is a friend of the groom. But we also have the mystery of who is behind all the threatening letters although in all honesty this comes right down the list of importance with the main focus of "Undercover Bridesmaid" being on the comedy of Tanya dealing with girly girls as well as the attention of a handsome young man.

The trouble is with all this is that not only does it make "Undercover Bridesmaid" far too familiar but aimed at a very specific audience. And unlike some Hallmark romantic, comedies this doesn't have the charm to make it appeal to others who find themselves watching it. With out that extra layer of charm this also ends up frequently bordering on being cheesy.

What this all boils down to is that "Undercover Bridesmaid" didn't do it for me and it was a Hallmark movie which came up short on the charm which usually makes them entertaining despite their flaws.