Mystery Woman: Oh Baby (2006) Kellie Martin, Clarence Williams III, Nina Siemaszko, Casey Sander Movie Review

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Kellie Martin in Mystery Woman: Oh Baby (2006)

Samantha's Left Holding the Baby

When Chief Connors (Casey Sander) arrives at a golf course for a call out of murder he is less than happy to discover Samantha (Kellie Martin) and best friend Cassie (Nina Siemaszko) there. But with Philby (Clarence Williams III) away on business Samantha walks away from the crime, for now, to return to her book store where she meets the upset Suzi (Vicki Davis) who is looking for the previous owner. Taking pity on her Samantha allows Suzi and her baby stay with her as her husband is missing but finds herself holding the baby when Suzi also goes missing. With Philby back to help it seems the baby, its missing parents and the murder at the golf course may all be connected.

I had an amusing conversation with someone the other day who could not understand why I watched daytime movies such as "Mystery Woman: Oh Baby" as in his eyes they were bland, unrealistic and relied solely on the appeal of the characters and the actors to entertain. But as I reminded him not everyone is the same and there is definitely an audience for these easy to watch movies or else they wouldn't make them. And for me personally, who sometimes watches more movies in a week than some people would watch in a year, the occasional easy to watch movie which doesn't require total concentration is exactly what I need.

Casey Sander in Mystery Woman: Oh Baby (2006)

So as to "Mystery Woman: Oh Baby", well this is a typical easy to watch daytime movie which is more about Kellie Martin as Samantha than about the murder mystery. As such we get to watch the independent book shop owner and amateur sleuth have fun and games as well as sleepless nights having been left holding a baby. But it isn't just the comedy of Samantha and the baby it is also Philby and the baby whose response to "What do you know about babies" is "They're small". And if you enjoy what for me are actor/character based TV movies this will be enjoyable as there is plenty of the light hearted stuff.

But what that also means is that whilst there is a murder on the golf course as well as a couple of missing parents the focus is rarely on the crime solving. In truth I found myself barely focusing on the actual mystery which is a good thing because of course it isn't the most tightly of plotted mysteries going and certainly won't appease those looking for a real mystery to get their teeth into.

What this all boils down to is that "Mystery Woman: Oh Baby" is quite simply an easy to watch movie made for the daytime TV crowd who don't want to be challenged by what they watch but they do enjoy being amused by pleasant characters and appealing actors.

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