Twisted Sisters (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Sierra McCormick in Twisted Sisters (2016) (aka: Dark Pledge)

Sorority Showdown

A couple of years after her sister dies Sarah (Sierra McCormick), as a legacy, joins her mother's former sorority-Psi Kappa-in who are the queens of the campus. It is there she becomes close friends to Daisy (Cassidy Gifford), the sororities president, who shows how the sorority works which rather than being just a sisterhood is more like a business with the sisters whilst acting as sweet as pie are in fact scheming, manipulative, seductive and frequently use blackmail and bribes to get what they want. On learning how much of a monster Daisy is and how once you become a sister you are a Psi Kap for life Daisy must decide whether she has enough to get free and take Daisy down.

Once again I find myself feeling a need to say here is a movie which is similar to many which have gone before but is made for a new generation who will find the attractive cast more appealing than those in previous movies. As such whilst "Twisted Sisters" is kind of entertaining it is not only made in a style which targets a younger audience but the whole story of Sarah discovering how much of a monster Daisy is and then realising how now she is in it is hard to get out is a familiar one, covered in one form or another before.

Cassidy Gifford in Twisted Sisters (2016) (aka: Dark Pledge)

The thing about "Twisted Sisters" is that it does have this false styling where when ever Sarah is with her sorority friends it is like "Clueless" on steroids with everyone being attractive, well dressed and having high class parties. It is incredibly fake and truthfully a little annoying as it tries to be snappy and hip but only ends up coming across as over the top. But despite this the whole story of Sarah realising how evil Daisy is, is an entertaining one mainly because of the evilness of Daisy makes her a good Queen Bitch character.

What this all boils down to is that "Twisted Sisters" is entertaining but it is nothing new with a storyline which has been told in one form or another a few times before. In fact some of the styling might end up annoying as it relies on over the top acting in some places.