Wake up with Melissa & Dean

That's like when super heroes go out to the wilderness and come back with new powers - Charlie

Dean Cain, Melissa Joan Hart and Cynthia Gibb in Broadcasting Christmas (2016)

When TV presenter Gina (Sophie von Haselberg) announces that this will be her last show as co-host as she is starting a family it means a slot has opened up on her daytime show next to co-host Veronica Daniels (Jackée Harry). Amongst those up for consideration are Emily Morgan (Melissa Joan Hart) and Charlie Fisher (Dean Cain) who were an item back in their college days but when Charlie got a promotion over her things came to an abrupt end. But now as rivals they end up spending time together and remembering what they loved about each other back then. But with Emily wanting to prove that she should have got the promotion all those years earlier and Charlie wanting to prove to his parents he is good enough their rivalry is fierce.

Welcome to this episode of tongue-in-cheek Christmas movies, those festive movies which are all about the comedy rather than the story, those which to be honest Hallmark are the experts in making. What do I mean by tongue-in-cheek? Well with Dean Cain as one of the leads we get him dropping a line about super heroes heading in to the wilderness and coming back with new super powers. It isn't just the dialogue as the general tone has a bubbly, full on nature with jingle-tastic music and larger than life characters who some might say redefine the word caricature.

But do you know what? Whilst "Broadcasting Christmas" is not the most Christmassy of Hallmark's festive movies with it being set at Christmas rather than about Christmas, it delivers the fun which you watch Hallmark movies for. As such we have the comedy of the rivalry as the candidates try to outdo each other with stealing of each others stories, pulling in special guests which out do others and so on. All of which plays right in to Melissa Joan Hart and Dean Cain's comfort zone but it does mean the rekindling of feelings ends up more humorous than romantic which in fairness is fine in this sort of movie but it does mean that the romantic side can get a little cheesy.

What this all boils down to is that "Broadcasting Christmas" is one of those movies which whilst delivering the Hallmark trademark fun is not the most Christmassy of movies. But if you are fans of either Melissa Joan Hart or Dean Cain you are likely to enjoy the comedy they bring to this.

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