911 Nightmare (2015)

911 Nightmare (2015)





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Lacking Emergency

Fiona Gubelmann in 911 Nightmare (2015)

Christine McCullers (Fiona Gubelmann) had a plan, she was going to become a cop and work alongside her father, her hero. But the plan went bad when whilst out on patrol not only does Christine get serious injured but she witnesses her father being killed. Left with a damaged leg Christine finds herself working as a 911 operator forced to pop pills to deal with the constant pain. But when one night she takes a call from a kid saying the bogeyman is in the house she thinks it is a prank call and tells the kid to get off the line only for the next day Christine to learn that it was no prank and a child were killed. Placed on leave and racked with guilt Christine sets about solving case off of her own back.

"911 Nightmare", which I have come across referred to as both "Nightmare 911" and "Dispatch", is one of the most straight forwards movies you are likely to ever come across. Step 1 young woman is bitter and full of self loathing as she was robbed of her father and her job whilst in the line of duty. Step 2 she makes a professional mistake which sees her situation made all the worse especially as others use the dishonouring father line to make her feel all the more guilty. Step 3, the woman takes things in to her own hands and sets about proving she can fight crime, make things right and get justice. Oh and in-between all this she ends up involved with another cop who fancies her.

Drew Fuller in 911 Nightmare (2015)

The trouble is that you don't care enough to be interested in things as the movie is constantly in a hurry to get to the next scene, more often than not it is an obvious next scene. So we get very little build up to introduce us to Christine, the same when it comes to her colleague played by Drew Fuller who keeps asking her out as we get no back story. And I could go on because we don't really get any build up or any real depth and so all we get is a young cop with an injured leg taking matters in to her own hands and it just isn't enthralling enough. On top of that we also have some over acting from which is the equivalent of a big flashing red arrow blinking over their heads.

What this all boils down to is that "911 Nightmare" ends up just about an average modern made for TV movie, a typical Lifetime thriller. But it isn't the most engrossing of made for TV thrillers as it lacks depth and pretty much only goes through the paces.

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