A Minor Shock

Mike Dopud in Deadly Voltage (2015)

Meteorologist, Jamie (Mike Dopud), decides to take a vacation from work and take his girlfriend along with his children from his previous marriage on a camping trip up in the woods. Things don't go smoothly right from the word go as his daughter is not keen on his girlfriend whilst his son clears off on his bike to see his girlfriend and then Jamie's ex-wife and his former mother-in-law also show up as the vacation was a family tradition. But that is nothing compared to what happens when an electrical storm hits the area and they are forced to come together to save their lives.

At one end of the scale you have the big screen disaster movies which feature destruction on a global scale and if director Roland Emmerich is involved it will feature ridiculously large special effects. And then at the other end of the scale you have the late night, made for TV disaster movies which tend to feature nubile young women and less than convincing special effects. On that scale "Deadly Voltage" wavers just under midway as whilst it features some less than convincing special effects it doesn't resort to nubile woman and cheesy comedy to try and keep the audience entertained.

Alaina Huffman in Deadly Voltage (2015)

I suppose what I am saying is that "Deadly Voltage" comes across like a disaster movie made for those who are fans of TV movies and enjoy drama but with out too much grit or extravagance or anything which might hurt their sensibilities. And let me tell you now I don't think there is anything wrong with that as there is definitely an audience for this sort of movie and as a movie reviewer something akin to easy listening makes a welcome change from those hard hitting and attention sapping movies.

Anyway "Deadly Voltage" is quite typical as we have a fractured family who end up physically separated when this electrical storm hits with them all trying to do what is right to save the others, which of course means that in the end there will be some family bonding. It is all incredibly regular stuff and as I mentioned it is on the lighter side of things so when for example Jamie's girlfriend and wife end up in the same car looking for them there is no real palpable tension between them.

What this all boils down to is that "Deadly Voltage" is not a movie with 1,000 currents coursing through it but more of an afternoon watch with a mug of hot chocolate type of experience. As such for those who want natural disaster style entertainment without the big noise and big drama should find this entertaining but for those who want big and bold will find "Deadly Voltage" probably too light.

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