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Dean Cain in Beverly Hills Christmas (2015)

When Angelina (Donna Spangler) dies in a car accident caused by a drunk driver she is met at a gateway by Gabriel (Dean Cain) who shows her that her daughter Ravin (Ravin Spangler) has become a spoilt brat who thinks solely of herself. Gabriel gives Angelina until Christmas Eve to be an angel and work some magic in her daughter's life so that she can see that there is more to life than being self centred. It leads to Ravin spending time at a soup kitchen where she gets to know people from outside her family whilst also learning what is important.

"Beverly Hills Christmas" is a movie which has a lot of solid intentions as we follow Ravin from being self absorbed to seeing the bigger picture when it comes to life and what is truly important. And trust me if you want to watch a movie with a faith based element which is family friendly then it is worth sticking with it as it delivers all that.

But unfortunately "Beverly Hills Christmas" is a movie which despite have some decent technical aspects when it comes to the camera stock suffers from a feel of being full of local actors. In truth the only actor I recognized in the movie was Dean Cain and sadly this was another one of those bad choice movies from him. Here we have cheesy lines, over acting and a really hideous Christmas music number featuring bad dancing. I really haven't got the words to describe how bad this movie gets at times and the acting early on is simply hideous as we get lots of over the top acting when Ravin is meant to be a spoiled brat.

What this all boils down to is that "Beverly Hills Christmas" really was a bust for me and on top of all the bad things which I have mentioned, and there were others I didn't, there is hardly any Christmas in the movie.

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