He Put a Banana Up The Tail Pipe

Robin Dunne and Mark Lutz in Asteroid: Final Impact (2015) (aka: Meteor Assault)

When those with the power declare a meteor storm a one off event astrophysicist Steve Thomas (Mark Lutz) believes it is just a prelude to something much bigger. Unfortunately when Steve breaks protocol he finds himself out of a job, discredited and with the FBI sitting on his doorstep 24/7. Whilst this affects his family in a major way Steve is convinced there is something bigger going to happen and has to find a way to get back in to his old lab to use a tracking satellite which has been commandeered by the military for surveillance to save mankind from a fate worse than death.

"It's an oldie but a goody" says Steve Thomas's brother as he sticks a bunch of bananas up the tail pipe of the FBI car sitting outside Steve's home, yes this movie lifts that idea from one of the "Beverly Hills Cop" movies. Whilst it doesn't so blatantly lift anything else from another movie "Asteroid: Final Impact" does churn out one made for TV disaster movie after another. We have the asteroid attack itself, the discredited expert having to sneak around to prove he is right, the family issues and of course the obligatory race against time. Basically when you have seen one of these made for TV movies you have seen them all.

So what else is there to say about "Asteroid: Final Impact"? Really there's not much because when we are not watching Steve trying to use his lab to prove what he knows there is really just some comic relief going on from his brother. Oh there are those special effects, you know the sort which is typical of TV movies and lo and behold Lochlyn Munro shows up again in another semi bad guy role.

What this all boils down to is that "Asteroid: Final Impact" is a standard, cliche riddled made for TV disaster movie with little too offer which is different to any other made for TV disaster movie. Unfortunately this is neither better nor worse than normal and as such lacks the entertainment you get from being enjoyably bad.

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