Another Sort of Golden Christmas

Julie Gonzalo in 3 Holiday Tails (2011)

Having retired to Florida with her husband Rod (Bruce Davison), Catherine (Alley Mills) meets their new neighbour Lisa (Julie Gonzalo) who like her owns golden retrievers. Getting chatting Lisa ends up telling Catherine all about David (K.C. Clyde) who was the one back in College but things didn't work out for them. Just by coincidence Rod is down at the basketball court where he happens to meet David, yes Lisa's David. After Lisa and David bump into each other on the beach and then Rod brings David to Lisa's it soon becomes apparent to both Rod and Catherine that they should be together. There is though one problem, David is engaged to Kelly (Kelly Stables) who is clearly not right for him.

Oh how I wanted to enjoy "3 Holiday Tails" it was the first of probably many Christmas movies I will be watching and reviewing now that autumn has come, sad I know but you need to be ahead of the game when you are a reviewer. And I was hopeful that this would set a positive mood for all the Christmas movies to come as this stars Julie Gonzalo and K.C. Clyde, two actors who I like and who in truth are perfect for some light weight romantic comedy fun. But sadly whilst "3 Holiday Tails" didn't disappoint it didn't really excite either.

K.C. Clyde in 3 Holiday Tails (2011)

The trouble with "3 Holiday Tails" for me is kind of two fold. Firstly there is the obvious nature of the storyline as we have Lisa and David who are clearly destined to be together, we also have Rod and Catherine doing some matchmaking, plus of course we have dogs, golden retrievers to bring them together. There is even a niece in this movie who has a young boy who fancies her. I know, most Christmas movies, especially romantic comedies, tend to be obvious but this one is so obvious that you almost don't need to watch it.

The other issue I have with "3 Holiday Tails" is really just down to a personal thing and that is when I watch a Christmas movie I love the look of snow covered streets, people wrapped up in winter woollies and so on. So with this being set in Florida it doesn't really have that wintry, Christmassy feel which I look forwards to and makes it hard work even if there are some garlands and baubles scattered around the place.

What this all boils down to is that "3 Holiday Tails" is one of those Christmas movies which probably works best if you are young and haven't watched hundreds of other Christmas movies. But even then with this being a Christmas movie set in Florida it doesn't have that traditional Christmas feel which I, and many others, yearn for.

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