A Golden Christmas 3 (2012)

A Golden Christmas 3 (2012)

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Shantel VanSanten in A Golden Christmas 3 (2012)

I have a confession to make, I watched "A Golden Christmas 3" not because I particularly enjoyed the previous movies, in fact I've only seen the first one but I watched because of Shantel VanSanten. I know this is shallow but I became smitten with Shantel VanSanten watching "One Tree Hill" and the opportunity to watch a movie with her in was too good to pass up. Aside from that well "A Golden Christmas 3" was exactly what I expected, a rather obvious little romantic comedy aimed at a younger market with a few laughs, some nice looking people, some cute dogs and a beautiful beach location.

When her dog runs away on the beach, theatre producer Heather (Shantel VanSanten - The Final Destination) goes looking for him and bumps into Bobby (Rob Mayes) who has just returned from his time in the Navy and had a crush on Heather when they were at High School together. There is obviously something between them but poor Heather not only already has a self centred boyfriend that she wants to finish with but is producing a local version of "A Christmas Carol" which is not easy when she has to deal with the cantankerous Mr. Cole (Orson Bean) as her Scrooge.

To put it simply "A Golden Christmas 3" is cute; it looks cute, has cute characters, cute humour and cute quasi-drama. Now cute is not going to be for everyone because in this case cute means entirely obvious and shallow but for a young teenage audience it is entertaining for all those reasons. As someone who has long forgotten what it is like to be a teenager it is hard work because it is so wafer thin and obvious but in its simplicity there is still something a little charming about it.

And to be frank it is a very nice looking movie and I am not just on about how attractive Shantel VanSanten is. But that is really it because "A Golden Christmas 3" is nothing more than old ideas, old jokes and an old story wrapped up in some attractive new clothes.

What this all boils down to is that if you have a young teenage child to buy stocking fillers for "A Golden Christmas 3" is not a bad little movie. But it is really only for young teenagers as it works through an obvious romantic comedy storyline in a cute and expectedly corny way.

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