The Goob (2014) Sienna Guillory, Marama Corlett, Sean Harris, Hannah Spearritt, Liam Walpole, Paul Popplewell, Rosa French Movie Review

The Goob (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Liam Walpole in The Goob (2014)

Norfolk n Chance

School's out for the summer which for 16 year old Goob (Liam Walpole) that means not just spending summer with his mum Janet (Sienna Guillory) but also her current bloke Womack (Sean Harris) who Goob can't stand as he is a foul mother, cheating bully. But whilst Goob has to put up with Womack he finds himself becoming interested in Eva (Marama Corlett), a field worker whilst the arrival of his cousin Elliot (Oliver Kennedy) certainly brings some variety to his life.

I don't know when I realised this but when it comes to coming of age movies their success relies heavily on three things; a shared experience, an era which you look back on with fondness or a character who ends up being so fascinating that you are drawn to them rather than what happens. Sadly when it comes to "The Goob" it didn't achieve any of those things for me as I never managed to connect with the character of Goob or feel a sense of shared experience with him. And with out that sense of connection or interest to the character "The Goob" ends up a movie which meanders along not really having any single direction which it is heading but as such gives this all over the place look at the summer for Goob.

The up shot of this is that what you get in "The Goob" is sex, swearing and more of the same as we have the foul mouthed Womack being verbally abusive in pretty much every scene he appears in or just been an out right c@#t. And in between the swearing there are various basic and frankly uninteresting sex scenes. Sadly the drama in between which sees Womack being unfaithful and Goob doing some growing up just isn't that interesting and it makes it an incredibly slow movie even when we have the introduction of his fun loving cousin in to the mix.

What this all boils down to is that "The Goob" just didn't do it for me and failed to deliver the drama or interesting characters to draw me in. But maybe for others who have had some similar experiences will find it a lot more entertaining and interesting.