The Cheating Pact (2013) Daniela Bobadilla, Laura Ashley Samuels, Laura Wiggins, Max Carver, Cynthia Gibb, Paula Trickey, Jamie Luner Movie Review

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Daniela Bobadilla in The Cheating Pact (2013)

Cheating at ...

With her father's insurance no longer covering her brother's physical therapy, Meredith Porter (Laura Wiggins), a smart student, agrees to take the college entrance tests for a trio of students; Heather (Daniela Bobadilla - Mothers of the Bride), Kylie (Laura Ashley Samuels) and Jordan (Max Carver), who are all under pressure from their parents to obtain high scores. But things don't go to plan as not only does she get a low score on one of the tests but she ends up murdered. Now Heather finds herself being set up for the murder and with the help of her mum (Cynthia Gibb - Accused at 17) has to prove her innocence.

Watching "The Cheating Pact" made me smile for a completely unrelated reason as it features the likes of Paula Trickey, Cynthia Gibb and Jamie Luner, regulars of the TV movie genre who back in the day could have starred in a similar movie but playing the teenage roles. It must be a bit strange for these actresses to find themselves being offered scripts where once they would have been offered the teen roles but now get to play the parents and teacher parts.

Laura Ashley Samuels in The Cheating Pact (2013)

Anyway, as for "The Cheating Pact", it is pretty familiar stuff where we have a group of teens who have broken the rules and one of them ends up being framed for a murder they didn't commit. Basically "The Cheating Pact" could easilly have been called "Cheating at 17" as it has that sort of format with the same types of character as we have Heather being the good girl who did wrong whilst Kylie is a spoilt teen with a catty and demanding mum. That means that "The Cheating Pact" is just a typical TV movie which will appeal to fans of modern TV thrillers but might end up boring those who watch unaware of how typical it is.

Truth be told the most memorable thing about "The Cheating Pact" is the cast they have put together and I apologise for this sounding shallow but they have gone out of their way to bring appealing actresses together. Jamie Luner, Paula Trickey and Cynthia Gibb are all beautiful actresses and then Daniela Bobadilla, Laura Ashley Samuels and Laura Wiggins are just as attractive with Laura Wiggins doing the geek to beauty transformation quite brilliantly. In fairness they all play their parts well but these characters are not that well written and certainly are not memorable.

What this all boils down to is that "The Cheating Pact" is a routine made for TV thriller about a teen getting set up for a crime they didn't commit. The most memorable thing about it is the attractive nature of the cast but it is no better or worse than many other modern made for TV thrillers.