I Am Watching You (2016) Madeline Zima, Brian Ames, Lilan Bowden, Lesley-Anne Down Movie Review

I Am Watching You (2016)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Madeline Zima in I Am Watching You (2016)

Thou Shalt Not Covet thy Neighbour's Hot Body

It's been 3 months since Nora Nichols (Madeline Zima - Lucy) and her ex parted company, as they wanted different things out of life, and since then she has struggled to focus on writing her romance blog. But she has found herself becoming increasingly intrigued by her handsome neighbour, Lucas (Brian Ames - The Surrogate), who she has started fantasising about having secretly watched him through her window as from it she can see directly in to his bedroom. As Norah attempts to take things further with Lucas, finding herself inspired by him and their fledgling relationship, she realises that maybe she is not the only voyeur in her world.

As a movie lover first and a movie reviewer second the one thing I hope for when ever I watch a movie is to be captivated by something positive, something good which I will remember the movie for. Sadly as someone who watches a fair few Lifetime movies it is often something bad which I remember a movie for and it is something bad which sticks out when it comes to "I Am Watching You". The bad is that so much of the acting feels forced from Nora going to give Lucas a hug and her hair getting tangled in his beard to her fantasising about him as she secretly watches from her window. But it isn't just the main actors who force the acting, a friend who is loud and full on when it comes to Nora's new relationship is so painfully bad it makes you cringe.

Brian Ames in I Am Watching You (2016)

Cringe is also how much of "I Am Watching You" will cause you to do when it comes to the soft eroticism which often feels little more than an excuse to have Brian Ames taking his shirt off as often as possible. And in a case of equality every now and then you will have Madeline Zima walking around in her underwear. Maybe there will be those who enjoy the soft eroticism of "I Am Watching You", but for me so much of it felt like an attempt to distract from the movie's weaknesses rather than being pivotal to the story.

But here is the thing; beyond the bad acting and soft eroticism the storyline which sees Nora paying for her actions when it comes to using Lucas as inspiration is forgettable and uninteresting because the soft eroticism and physical appeal of the actors dominates the movie for too much. In truth by the time "I Am Watching You" tries to move on from focusing purely on the eroticism it had lost me and was unable to claw me back in when the danger inevitably begins to mount.

What this all boils down to is that maybe there is a demographic out there who will find the soft eroticism of "I Am Watching You" coupled with the body of Brian Ames entertaining, but for me I needed something more and sadly that never came.