Love Is a Four Letter Word (2007) Teri Polo, Robert Mailhouse, Barry Bostwick, Michele Santopietro, Donna Mills, Mariette Hartley Movie Review

Love Is a Four Letter Word (2007)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Love Is a Four Letter Word (2007)

Okay is also a Four Letter Word

Martin (Barry Bostwick - A Different Kind of Christmas) met Margot (Donna Mills - Jane Doe: Yes, I Remember It Well) and fell in love back in the 70s but after many years of marriage things seem to have gone wrong and they have decided to get divorced, amicably. It leads Martin to divorce lawyer Kenton Rhodes (Robert Mailhouse - Thicker Than Water) and Margot to divorce lawyer Emily Bennett (Teri Polo - For the Love of a Child), both of whom have a very jaded opinion when it comes to love and marriage. But during a wedding they meet and they take a romantic walk along the beach together unaware that they are on opposing sides of a divorce case which makes things complicated when they do come face to face at the court house.

"Love" maybe a four letter word but so is "okay" and unfortunately the Hallmark romantic comedy "Love Is a Four Letter Word" is only an okay movie. It is okay because it is extremely routine with that familiar storyline of two people who having become romantically involved also find themselves on opposing sides of an issue. In fairness this sort of romantic comedy usually consists of someone wanting to save an old building or park whilst the other works for the company looking to redevelop it but opposing divorce lawyers has pretty much the same outcome and nature when it comes to various scenes.

As such once the set up is in place with Kenton and Emily discovering that having fallen for each other they are involved in a case the rest of the movie is obvious, even when it comes to the older couple who they are representing. As such whilst "Love Is a Four Letter Word" attempts to deliver some screwball style comedy as we have disagreeing couples, bickering in the court room and so on it never really succeeds in being anything more than just that word again, "okay". Even the likeable nature of the cast fails to lift this into being a fun charmer although it does occasionally have its moments.

What this all boils down to is that "Love Is a Four Letter Word" is just a routine Hallmark romantic comedy and only an okay one at best.