Like Cats and Dogs (2017) Cassidy Gifford, Wyatt Nash, Hayley Sales, Gwynyth Walsh, Drew Tanner Movie Review

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Cassidy Gifford in Like Cats and Dogs (2017)

Shared Living

Spencer (Wyatt Nash - The Bridge - Part 2) loves cats, listening to music on vinyl and has headed to a beach town for a couple of weeks to get away from distractions, including his girlfriend, so that he can complete his thesis. Lara (Cassidy Gifford - Twisted Sisters) prefers dogs and the convenience of downloading music but has decided to get away for a couple of weeks to sort out her life, which is a bit messy, as she isn't sure what she wants to do with it. But along with their beloved cat and dog, Lara and Spencer, find themselves forced to share a rental house when the booking agent makes a mistake.

I will be the first one to admit that despite my fondness for Hallmark movies they do some times seem to recycle the same storyline and ideas which they had used not that long ago. Take "Like Cats and Dogs" with its storyline of two opposites ending up having to share the same accommodation and initially going out of their way to antagonise each other. In some ways this reminded me of the previous years "Summer Villa" which saw Hilarie Burton and Victor Webster as the opposites sharing a villa, but it also reminded me of a few others which came before that.

Wyatt Nash in Like Cats and Dogs (2017)

As such there is little in "Like Cats and Dogs" which will take a Hallmark movie fan by surprise as we have Lara being the laid back one who doesn't plan whilst Spencer is overly organized, trendy when it comes to meal planning and raw food diets and of course one loves cats whilst the other dogs. And it very much plays up on their differences but also starts to sneak in those shared likes as well as the fact that whilst Spencer is in a relationship he isn't actually in love. In truth "Like Cats and Dogs" is such a text book opposites attract Hallmark movie that it doesn't need much more saying other than Wyatt Nash's characterisation of being OCD and on trend is a bit too over the top and ends up a little annoying.

What this all boils down to is that "Like Cats and Dogs" is a routine Hallmark romantic comedy, the sort which fans of Hallmark movies will most likely enjoy but for those who don't might find it too predictable and cheesy.