Patient Killer (2015) Victoria Pratt, Barbie Castro, Casper Van Dien, Richard Burgi, Patrick Muldoon, Stacey Dash, Antoni Corone, David Chokachi Movie Review

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Victoria Pratt in Patient Killer (2015)

Patience Killer

Victoria Wrightmar (Victoria Pratt - Deadly Pursuit) has carved out a good career for herself as a therapist, offering up dream interpretation and hypnosis whilst also having become a successful author. She even has a handsome boyfriend in the shape of Jason (Casper Van Dien - Fugitive at 17), which is a far cry to a few years earlier when she got too close to a patient, Dylan McNalt (David Chokachi), and he ended up committing suicide. But Victoria's life starts becoming messy after she takes on a new patient called Blaire Bennett (Barbie Castro - Assumed Killer) whose nightmares are similar to those which troubled Dylan. Suddenly Jason starts exhibiting anger issues, a patient by the name of Derek (Patrick Muldoon - A Christmas Promise) becomes obsessed with her and Victoria begins to become paranoid when it comes to her mentor Doctor Sylvan (Richard Burgi), as well as her assistant Nancy (Stacey Dash). It leads to Victoria beginning to question herself as things become increasingly strange and she starts seeing things.

Anyone who spends time on The Movie Scene will know I love reviewing TV movies and as such have become familiar with several actors who often appear in this genre of movie. That is actually part of the appeal of "Patient Killer" as Victoria Pratt, Barbie Castro, Casper Van Dien, Richard Burgi and Patrick Muldoon have all appeared in some enjoyable TV movies over the years; although to be honest there have been some bad ones as well. But having this collection of TV movie stars in one movie certainly helps distract as does the casting of former "Baywatch" actor David Chokachi.

Patrick Muldoon in Patient Killer (2015)

Now on the subject of the actors it has to be said that each one plays their part in "Patient Killer" on the cusp of being over the top and it seems intentional. As such there is something quite amusing about Richard Burgi turning up the dial on being slightly controlling whilst Patrick Muldoon is certainly worth his money playing an obsessed patient with OCD tendencies and a horrifying imagination when it comes to his feelings towards others. And of course Victoria Pratt has to be one of the most attractive and glamorous therapists going.

That does leave just the storyline and to be honest I am grateful that there were so many familiar faces in "Patient Killer" because the storyline didn't do that much for me. I suppose that comes down to a familiar undertone as we have a woman who a few years earlier had an issue and now it seems to be starting all over again with strange things going on with enough for us to question her own sanity or whether someone is playing mind games and trying to push her over the edge. It tries to throw some twists in to the mix when it comes to the connections but to be honest the storyline doesn't do a good enough job of drawing you in to the details to be that bothered by them.

What this all boils down to is that "Patient Killer" will entertain fans of TV movies but mostly because of the collection of TV movie stars assembled for it. But the actual storyline is not so special and whilst it has twists and mystery it isn't the most engaging of thrillers.