Homecoming (1996) Anne Bancroft, Kimberlee Peterson, Trever O'Brien, Hanna Hall, William Greenblatt Movie Review

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Anne Bancroft in Homecoming (1996)

Home From Home

After waking her four children in the middle of the night Liza Tillerman takes them to a shopping mall and says the eldest, Dicey, is in charge until she returns. But she never does and by the end of the day they realise they are going to have to walk to where they know a relative lives with Dicey doing her best to keep her younger siblings safe and fed. Their journey eventually leads them to their grandmother, Abigail, a loner who initially doesn't want children hanging around especially as she blames herself for mistakes she made with their mother.

I love it when I watch a movie cold, as in not having even looked at who is in it let alone what it is about as it can be a rewarding experience. And to be honest that is how "Homecoming" came across as we watch Dicey do whatever she can to keep her brothers and sister together as they try and find a relative to live with. We get to see not only how she cleans windows just to get them some milk to drink and we see how it is hard on her with some scenes where the pressure gets to her.

Kimberlee Peterson in Homecoming (1996)

But let me say right away "Homecoming" is a movie about lifting spirits and so whilst we have the tough times we also have the good times and the good nature of some people. We see how one young man on discovering Dicey soaked to the skin and crying takes her and the rest of the family to get something to eat and then drives them to a relatives. There are lots of other little incidents along the way with people they meet with the most notable of which being Abigail.

The thing is that whilst "Homecoming" is without a doubt entertaining in a charming way and also enjoyable it is a little text book. By that I mean we have Abigail who is an estranged loner and initially a grumpy one at that but of course one who warms to having the grandchildren. As such you know that something is going to happen which sees them maybe leaving but then real feelings come out.

What this all boils down to is that "Homecoming" is a sweet and touching little journey movie which will entertain those who enjoy the softer side of movies. But it is extremely text book with little in the way of surprises.