Angels and Ornaments (2014) Jessalyn Gilsig, Sergio Di Zio, Graham Abbey, Roger Doche, Richard Waugh Movie Review

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Jessalyn Gilsig in Angels and Ornaments (2014)

Hark the Harold Gilsig Sings

Christmas is coming and whilst Corrine (Jessalyn Gilsig) still hasn't got over being dumped by her boyfriend she is looking forward to the festive season. She also enjoys working with her childhood friend Dave (Graham Abbey) at his music store where her talent for singing comes in useful for bringing in customers who come to hear her sing. But out of nowhere appears Harold (Sergio Di Zio) with his old fashioned clothes and manners who comes to work for Dave at his store and decides to match make Corrine and Dave who everyone can see get on like a house on fire. Whilst bemused by Harold's fascination in her love life what Corrine doesn't know is that Harold is actually an angel sent from above with a very specific mission involving her.

"Angels and Ornaments" is simply one of those Christmas movies the less you know the more magical and effective it is but without knowing a bit of detail it doesn’t sound much. As such here is the non spoiler review and it is short as we have angel Harold trying to make things right for Corrine as after some disappointment needs a boost and that boost is to fall in love with long time friend Dave by Christmas Eve. That is it and it is simple enough with plenty of cute made for TV Christmas movie fun from comical characters to picture perfect Christmas trees and so much more. Probably still doesn't sound that great but it has that same fun, cute vibe which many a Hallmark Christmas movie has.

Graham Abbey and Sergio Di Zio in Angels and Ornaments (2014)

Now much of the fun of "Angels and Ornaments" comes down to Sergio Di Zio who gives Harold the look and the sound of someone who is from the 1930s with that nasal voice and old fashioned charm. But we also have Gilsig who looks drop dead gorgeous in every scene and does cute quite brilliantly whilst Abbey pulls of good guy without breaking a sweat in a way reminiscent of Bill Pullman. It is hard to describe but for such a simple movie "Angels and Ornaments" has that vibe which makes it a movie which every time you find your attention drifting to something else sucks you back in be it through a moment of humour or through some really beautiful music.

So now here is the spoiler alert because I need to sell you on "Angels and Ornaments" as it is well worth watching but frankly doesn't sound it. Now there is some background mystery going on as when Harold gets the mission is only told what he has to do and not why he has been chosen. The observant viewer will already have spotted the unsubtle clue and put two and two together to work out why Harold was picked. But once you realise why Harold then "Angels and Ornaments" has an extra element of entertainment which brings a smile to your face.

What this all boils down to is that "Angels and Ornaments" is a lot of fun, a lot more fun than many would expect from a made for TV Christmas movie and when you compare it to other made for TV Christmas movies it is a cut above with an enjoyable story, an enjoyable festive vibe and a really enjoyable performance from Sergio Di Zio.

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