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Kirsten Dunst in Fifteen and Pregnant (1998)

Dunst in Teen Pregnancy Shock

I've lost count of the movies I have watched which have been about teen pregnancy and being teen parents and most of them have been made for TV. And now I can add "Fifteen and Pregnant" to the list another teen pregnancy movie but one which features a young Kirsten Dunst as the teen mum to be. The thing about "Fifteen and Pregnant" is that whilst it has some story elements unique to it such as the parent's situation it also covers the same ground as other similar movies.

Tina Spangler (Kirsten Dunst - How to Lose Friends & Alienate People) was almost fifteen and thought that life was good as she had a boyfriend who she loved. But after sleeping with him he turns cold on her and then having turned fifteen she realises she is pregnant. After turning to her mother she has to decide what to do; have an abortion, put the baby up for adoption or try and raise the child like her best friend who is already a teen mum. But maybe being pregnant will lead to a surprising outcome for her parents Evie (Park Overall - Taming Andrew) and Carl (David Andrews) who are separated.

Park Overall in Fifteen and Pregnant (1998)

So as I said "Fifteen and Pregnant" covers some familiar ground from Tina reluctantly having sex with her cool boyfriend, through to telling her parents and then choosing what to do. Along the way we have such typical scenes from Tina dealing with morning sickness, to issues with her brother and sister who are angry at her. But we also have added elements such as Tina's pregnancy bringing her estranged parents closer together as they try to support her and Tina's sister half being angry at her but also being jealous of the attention. That is the reason why "Fifteen and Pregnant" works as rather than just focussing on Tina's pregnancy it takes us into the middle of the family situation and sees how everyone is affected by it.

What "Fifteen and Pregnant" also has going for it is a good cast with Kirsten Dunst delivering a strong performance as Tina delivering that sense of being overwhelmed by her life quickly becoming out of control. But we also have Park Overall who delivers a grounded performance as her mother Evie showing everything from the naivety of knowing what her daughter is up to, to the difficulty of being separated from her husband.

But having said all this I also have to say that "Fifteen and Pregnant" is incredibly dated from the music to scenes such as Evie and her friend working out in the gym. Despite the depth of story these elements which date the movie sadly occasionally shift it to now feel cheesy.

What this all boils down to is that "Fifteen and Pregnant" is another movie which deals with the subject of teen pregnancy but one which rather than just focusing on the situation from the teen's point of view takes a wider approach to look at the difficult period for the entire family.