Unwed Father (1997) Brian Austin Green, Nicholle Tom, Isabella Hofmann, Faye Grant Movie Review

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Brian Austin Green in Unwed Father (1997)

He's the Daddy

College student Jason Kempler (Brian Austin Green) always returns home for the summer where by day he works as a car salesman for his dad and all other times he enjoys the carefree life of a young guy playing in a band at night and bedding a different girl in the audience. It is how comes teenager Melanie (Nicholle Tom) ends up pregnant and having decided she couldn't get rid of her baby tries to make it as a single mum, supported by her own single mum. But when it clearly is too much for her to do on her own she tracks down where Jason lives and forces him to take their son. Supported by his father Jason quickly has to do some growing up to take responsibility for his son whilst Melanie realises how much she misses her son.

Yes "Unwed Father" is another one of those movies where a teenager with no responsibility and big dreams suddenly finds their plans tossed to one side when a moment of irresponsibility leaves them a teen parent. As you might be able to tell I am quite familiar with this movie theme and I am going to say now that "Unwed Father" doesn't really bring anything new to the mix. In fairness I don't know how different one of these movies can be before it strays too far away from the point but it does mean than when you've watched one it feels like you've watched them all.

Nicholle Tom in Unwed Father (1997)

So what am I on about? Well on one hand we have Jason who initially doesn't do parenthood, finds it a complete struggle but of course eventually bonds with his son and warms to the new life he now has once he confronts his predicament. And then on the other we have Melanie who realises after abandoning her son with Jason that she really misses her baby. As to what happens well I am not going to say as this is about the only mystery in the whole movie but again anyone who is familiar with the teen parenthood storyline will be able to hazard a guess to how this will go. Although I will say that "Unwed Father" rather than being a lecturing movie is more focussed on the drama of Jason trying to cope and Melanie missing her son.

What this all boils down to is that "Unwed Father" is an entertaining take on the whole teen pregnancy theme with it being more drama based than preachy. But it is familiar and as such to a certain extent doesn't hold many a surprise.