Deadly Inferno (2016) David Sutcliffe, Michael Xavier, Charlotte Arnold, Stephen Bogaert Movie Review

Deadly Inferno (2016)   2/52/52/52/52/5

David Sutcliffe in Deadly Inferno (2016)

Insufficient Inferno

Colin Davis (David Sutcliffe) is just one of the poor people who find themselves working for Michael (Stephen Bogaert), a demanding boss in a building which is going through some major renovations. It is because of Michael's demanding nature that when a sprinkler starts to drip he orders the handyman to shut off the sprinkler system despite being warned of the dangers. And the dangers come to fruition when not long after an explosion leads to some of the staff dead whilst others are trapped on the 8th floor. With the fire service quickly on the scene fire-fighter Ray Vargas (Michael Xavier) will find himself trying to lead those who are trapped to safety, which with the building already in a poor state before the fire will be more difficult than expected.

"Towering Inferno" on a shoestring budget is probably the easiest way to describe what "Deadly Inferno" is although I would imagine that most people would have guessed that from reading the synopsis. As such it goes through the various plot points from a boss who is more concerned about his own agenda than the safety of his staff to Colin being a heroic guy trying to lead those trapped to safety and yes that does also mean rescuing a woman from a stuck elevator, which of course plummets just as she is pulled to safety. Even back stories featuring upset teens being let down by busy fathers, distraught wives and a pregnant wife of a fire-fighter adds nothing to make "Deadly Inferno" any more entertaining.

What certainly doesn't help "Deadly Inferno" is the special effects which whilst we have a few fires in hallways most look like they could be put out with a wet cloth. They are actually better than any of the effects which require explosions and even for a TV movie made on a shoe string budget these effects are less than convincing. Less than convincing is also a good description of a lot of the acting no one really impresses but some with likeable personas, such as David Sutcliffe, come out of this better than others.

What this all boils down to is that "Deadly Inferno" is simply a weak TV movie take on the "Towering Inferno" which struggles right from the word go. In truth it doesn't even manage to entertain in a bad movie sort of way.