Christmas at Holly Lodge (2017) Jordan Bridges, Crystal Lowe, Alison Sweeney, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Christian Convery, Robyn Bradley, Toby Levins, Alison Wandzura, Adrian Hough Movie Review

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Alison Sweeney in Christmas at Holly Lodge (2017)

The Christmas Miracle of Holly Lodge

If love was money Sophie Bennett (Alison Sweeney - Murder, She Baked: A Plum Pudding Murder Mystery) would be a very rich woman as she owns Holly Lodge, a popular inn come Christmas time where everyone who has been returns because they end up becoming family to Holly and her assistant, Callie (Crystal Lowe - Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas). The beautiful lodge has also come to the attention of Sir Ian (Gerard Plunkett - Eight Below) who wants to own it and so sends his associate, Evan (Jordan Bridges - Holiday Engagement), to analyse the business and persuade the owner to sell. When Evan shows up he is not only captivated by the beautiful Sophie but charmed by the family experience of all the guests who return each year and are likely family. But when Sophie discovers why Evan is really there she not only finds herself trying to convince him not to buy the lodge for his boss but she has to stop herself falling in love with him.

The amber colour of a log cabin snuggled in to a blanket of snow is a beautiful sight. It is almost as beautiful as Alison Sweeney with her blonde hair, blue eyes and wonderful smile all wrapped up in the sort of winter jumpers which add to the feeling of warmth which radiates out of "Christmas at Holly Lodge". Of course none of this comes as a surprise as "Christmas at Holly Lodge" is a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie and what they some times lack in originality they certainly make up for in looks, warmth and atmosphere. And it is the looks, warmth and atmosphere which you get in bucket loads with "Christmas at Holly Lodge", along with the light hearted fun of amusing characters.

Jordan Bridges in Christmas at Holly Lodge (2017)

But beyond the look and lots of appeal what you get in "Christmas at Holly Lodge" is a collection of what you could call Hallmark movie cliches. As such we have the big hearted owner of a struggling business; the friends who try to set her up with the handsome stranger and so on. As such what "Christmas at Holly Lodge" becomes is Sophie trying to save her business, convince Evan not to try and buy it whilst also resisting falling for him, good luck with that last one. There are no surprises to this but as I said this is really all about the look and a stunning log holiday inn decked with garlands and ribbons works so well that you can almost feel the warmth of the roaring log fire.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas at Holly Lodge" is one of those Hallmark Christmas movies which, whilst having a pleasant storyline, doesn't stray far from the familiar cliches and wholesome feeling that they tend to deliver. But as such this is a Christmas movie all about the look, the atmosphere, the warmth and that beauty of friends who are like family as well as the appeal of Alison Sweeney.

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