A Gift to Remember (2017) Ali Liebert, Peter Porte, Tina Lifford, Brandi Alexander, Jennifer Koenig, Mark Milburn, Ricky He, Jackie Blackmore, Vincent Dangerfield Movie Review

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A Gift to Remember (2017)

Amnesia Guy

Darcy (Ali Liebert - Anything for Love) works at Chaucer's bookstore which is her perfect job as she loves to read, in fact any man who doesn't share her love of reading is not going to be the man for her. But times are changing as whilst Christmas is coming they not only have to deal with a big competitor called Books, Books, Books but her boss is looking to retire and if no one wants to take up a position as general manager he will have to sell. But life takes an interesting turn when whilst cycling to work Darcy ends up knocking over a handsome man, who she regularly saw passing the shop, and the accident leads to him ending up in hospital in a coma. Feeling guilty, Darcy not only decides to look after the man's dog but decides to learn more about the man who she discovers is called Aidan (Peter Porte - Love at the Shore). The question is; will the image of Aidan which Darcy builds up in her head be as good as the truth when he comes out of his coma and starts to remember things after suffering amnesia?

One of the best things about "A Gift to Remember" is that this Hallmark Christmas movie seems so obvious, with several familiar elements during the first 15 minutes. We have an independent book store threatened by a bigger competitor and the handsome stranger who ends up having amnesia following an accident. As such you start putting the pieces together before they happen as not only do you know that Darcy will fall for the handsome Aidan but then she will learn the truth about him when his memory returns. And of course the way the set up is put in place you suspect a certain thing but at the same time wonder whether there will be a twist in what seems an obvious romantic tale, especially as the clues don't always seem to fit with your initial expectations. And in fairness there is some nice mystery to this story as well as Aidan finds some things he remembers like a house he draws.

Of course with "A Gift to Remember" being a Hallmark Christmas movie there is all the other usual stuff alongside the mystery of who Aidan is. But whilst this features an appealing pairing of Ali Liebert and Peter Porte this isn't a Hallmark movie drenched in the luxurious decorations which you often get with their Christmas movies, whilst the relationship doesn't really have that magic about it like it does in the best Hallmark Christmas movies.

What this all boils down to is that "A Gift to Remember" is another Hallmark Christmas movie which delivers the sweet Christmas fun which fans of these movies watch them for. But whilst a pleasant distraction it isn't one of their best and lacks that depth, romance and emotion to make it more than just some cute Christmas fun.

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