Buried Secrets (2015) Sarah Carter, Dan Payne, Teach Grant, Veena Sood, Angela de Lieva, Glynis Davies, Sarah-Jane Redmond, Gabrielle Rose Movie Review

Buried Secrets (2015)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Sarah Carter in Buried Secrets (2015)

One Case Which Can Stay Buried

Having been kicked off the force months earlier, when then detective Joan Mueller (Veena Sood) accused her of corruption, Sarah Winters (Sarah Carter - One Starry Christmas) turned to writing and is now promoting her first book "Justice in Limbo". But elements of Sarah's book end up too close to the facts of the last case she was working on. Now Sarah not only finds the promoted Chief Mueller taking an interest in her but also Mayoral candidate Patricia Harding (Sarah-Jane Redmond - Mr. Miracle) who plans to use newly found evidence surrounding Sarah to win her the votes needed to be elected with the help of det. Barry Trent (Dan Payne - Christmas Miracle) who Sarah had been close to for many years.

Anyone who frequents The Movie Scene will know that I enjoy TV movies even those which are bad because they often end up entertaining for all which is bad about them. But I do occasionally come across a TV movie which is simply bad and sadly "Buried Secrets" is one of those bad movies. From being disjointed to not making sense it is extremely hard work and sadly director Monika Mitchell seems to not only have been limited with funds but also time with some scenes ending up hideously clunky. And unfortunately those tend to be the ones which involve actress Sarah Carter running.

Dan Payne in Buried Secrets (2015)

Now I hate to give plots away but I found "Buried Secrets" so messy I am going to try and explain what goes on so that anyone who has an insatiable desire to watch can follow it. So what follows is a spoiler.

So we have Sarah, the former cop turned writer who was kicked off the force over corruption charges which she believes det. Mueller made up, turns out she was being played by someone else. So Sarah has written a crime story which seems a little too close to her last case and this has lead to the police questioning her over things she has written. Meanwhile Det. Trent, who Sarah and her daughter are close to, is in fact not only working with Mayor Harding but is romantically involved with and is in fact dishing the dirt on Sarah to help the mayor's election campaign. But then there is also a homeless looking guy who acts threatening and turns out after he stole a straw from Sarah's daughter and had a DNA test done is Sarah's brother as Sarah was abandoned as a baby and adopted by a woman who she now has a strained relationship with. But wait the guy's surname is Saunders and his father was the case which Sarah was working on before she got kicked off the force which means she was actually investigating her father who turned up dead. Now as to how this plays out in the final few scenes is a joke with bad guys becoming humble, annoying jerk TV reporters switching sides and so on in not only a typical manner but a rushed one as well.

Now ironically I think "Buried Secrets", despite being way too convoluted, could have been an okay movie but for some reason the whole thing ends up messy and almost has the feel of it being written on the fly with characters suddenly changing track half way through. The thing is that none of the characters have depth so they can get away with it as logic and realism also seems to go by the wayside.

What this all boils down to is that "Buried Secrets" was bad and that is down to it coming across as extremely messy whilst it also gave me that feeling that not only did money run out but so did time with scenes crashing together in a less than pleasant way.