How Sarah Got Her Wings (2015) (aka: Heaven Sent | A Mission for Christmas) Movie Review

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Lindsey Gort and Derek Theler in How Sarah Got Her Wings (2015) (aka: Heaven Sent | A Mission for Christmas)

Angel in Waiting

Realtor, Sarah Fitzpatrick (Lindsey Gort) has always prided herself on being a good person and a good Samaritan, which is why following a traffic accident she ends up at the lobby by the gates of Heaven and she believes her names will be on the list. Much to her surprise it isn't and so she is granted a second chance at gaining entry to heaven by returning to Earth as an "angel in training" with the mission of helping someone else. The thing is that the some one else happens to be her ex boyfriend, Jordan (Derek Theler - Secret Summer), who previously she dumped on Christmas Eve.

"How Sarah Got Her Wings", which is also known as "A Mission for Christmas" and "Heaven Sent", made me happy because it is the combination of being familiar yet unfamiliar. That familiar is that this is another one of those movies where someone who suddenly dies in an accident returns to Earth to try and earn their wings, a bit like the Dolly Parton movie "Unlikely Angel". As such you find yourself watching and thinking that of course you can work out how this is going to go because the idea has been done several times before. But that is where the unfamiliar part of "How Sarah Got Her Wings" arrives and there is a twist on the norm which will make you begin to wonder where exactly it is going.

Now usually when I review Christmas movies I find myself going on about the decorations and snow covered streets but to be honest the set decorations are not the star of this movie. Nope the star of "How Sarah Got Her Wings" is Lindsey Gort who brings plenty of being bubbly and perky to the role of Sarah, in fact there are times it is a little too much but trust me it is intentional. But then there is also Derek Theler as Jordan playing that laid back nice guy he does so well. But whilst the acting is good this is one of those Christmas movies where the chemistry between the characters is not there and the lack of it brings this down.

What this all boils down to is that "How Sarah Got Her Wings" is an entertaining play on a frankly familiar "angel gets their wings" style storyline with an entertaining twist and a likeable cast.

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