A Sister's Obsession (2018) (aka: A Twin Sister's Obsession) Lindsay Hartley, Jason Cermak, Candice Hunter, Peter Flemming, Jessica Smith, Bronwen Smith, Elise Irwin, Amelie Irwin, Mark James, Bethany Brown, Nelson Wong Movie Review

A Sister's Obsession (2018)   3/53/53/53/53/5

A Sister's Obsession (2018) (aka: A Twin Sister's Obsession)

Twisted Twin

Life couldn't be much better for Kendra Walker (Lindsay Hartley - Deadly Exchange) as not only has she won an Educator of the Year award and has a great husband in Dane (Jason Cermak - Psycho Wedding Crasher) but after a long time of trying she receives the good news that she is pregnant. But a picture of her winning the award is published in a paper and is spotted by Amber (Lindsay Hartley), a twin that Kendra has forgotten all about and whose life has not turned out anywhere as good as Kendra's having not been adopted by the same family who adopted Kendra. Now Amber plans to ruin Kendra's life and have the good life for herself.

I reckon my issue is that I have watched so many made for TV movies that they never have the same impact as they would just a casual movie fan. Take "A Sister's Obsession", which I saw also called "A Twin Sister's Obsession", here we have this entertaining set up of a twin who has had a rough life masquerading as her own sister to take the good life she believes she is entitled to. And just for good measure let's say that the good twin doesn't remember she has a twin as she was adopted when she was only three and so has no idea that there is a bad twin messing with her life. But the whole thing from the way Kendra acts to her life being messed with then finding out she has a twin is pretty far fetched with some ridiculous moments of drama, wait for the heroic bank worker who can take being smacked round the head with a safety deposit box.

Being ridiculous is not the main problem with "A Sister's Obsession", the main problem is that every single character is played in an over the top manner be it Amber being a tough cookie or Kendra's friend being fearless in confronting Amber when she realises what is going on. It means that there are many a scene which ends up laughable due to the way the characters act. Fortunately Lindsay Hartley has a good time playing both twins giving us a spectrum performance with good and evil.

What this all boils down to is that "A Sister's Obsession" ends up one of those Lifetime movies which are okay despite having many a scene which will make you laugh and groan due to what happens and the way characters act.