A Dangerous Date (2018) Jillian Murray, David Chokachi, Brianna Joy Chomer, Tandi Tugwell, Tom DeNucci, George Saunders, John Sword Movie Review

A Dangerous Date (2018)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jillian Murray in A Dangerous Date (2018)

A Date with Danger

Peter (David Chokachi - Cyber Case) has been widowed for a while now but can't shake the memories of the great times he had with his late wife, especially when he proposed to her on a beach surrounded by candles as the sun went down. But his grown up daughter, Julie (Brianna Joy Chomer - Stalked by My Doctor), clearly sees that he is popular with women and decides it is time for him to move on, so she registers him with an online dating service and responds to one of the women who likes his profile. It is how he ends up meeting Alexis (Jillian Murray - Forget Me Not) and surprisingly quickly he believes she is perfect for him. But when Julie meets Alexis and starts to get to know her for real begins to suspect Alexis is not all that she seems to be.

Some times I wonder when it comes too made for TV movies whether production companies buy job lots of stories to be made and so find themselves with some which are clearly weaker than others. This is what it feels like with "A Dangerous Date" as it feels like this was made on what ever money was left over after they had made all the other movies they had planned to make. As such the camera work, editing, sets and acting all have clear issues making "A Dangerous Date" an incredibly clunky movie. In fact the issues, those you kind of expect from a TV movie, end up making it incredibly hard work.

David Chokachi in A Dangerous Date (2018)

But look beyond all the issues with "A Dangerous Date", and that includes how obvious this drama plays out, it does have one thing which is quite good. Now I better say spoiler alert so if you don't want to know the one good thing then you had better leave. We discover that when Peter's wife was in hospital, dying from what we are informed is cancer, we discover that Alexis was there as one of those really young nurse's assistants. As such we get this element of whether Alexis has been stalking Peter for years having become infatuated with him back then. It is a reasonable idea with potential for twists when it comes to events in Peter's life but it is wasted in a movie which is heavily flawed.

What this all boils down to is that "A Dangerous Date" is sadly one of those below par made for TV movies which wastes a reasonably good idea for a twist.