A Perfect Christmas List (2014) Ellen Hollman, Beth Broderick, Aaron Hill, Richard Karn, Marion Ross Movie Review

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Ellen Hollman in A Perfect Christmas List (2014)

Mrs. Cunningham's Christmas Home Improvements

Children's author Sara (Ellen Hollman) has no intention of spending Christmas with her parents Michelle (Beth Broderick) and Tim (Richard Karn) as her mum always makes her feel like she is not good enough. But when her beloved Grandmother Evie (Marion Ross) suffers a fall and has to remain bed ridden at her parents Sara agrees to come back for Christmas. With Michelle listening in to a conversation between Evie and her handsome young doctor, Brandon Reed (Aaron Hill), she mishears and thinks that Evie only has weeks to live and so agrees to try and have a perfect Christmas with her and Sara doing things which Michelle use to do with Evie when she was a child. But completing a list of activities is not the only thing which is going to happen for Sara this Christmas.

There will be those who when they sit down to watch "A Perfect Christmas List" will sit up when they see Mrs. Cunningham, I mean Marion Ross, but for me I sat up when I was Richard Karn aka Al Borland from "Home Improvements". Don't get me wrong as it is always nice to see Mrs. Cunningham but Al Borland, well that was just perfect for me. Of course I digress and sadly neither Ross nor Karn are the main stars of "A Perfect Christmas List" but Ellen Hollman and Beth Broderick are the movie's focus.

Beth Broderick in A Perfect Christmas List (2014)

So what do we get in "A Perfect Christmas List", well we get lots of obvious as on one hand we have the obvious which is Sara and her mum Michelle not getting on whilst they have to compete this list of Christmas tasks from baking cookies to cutting down a tree and so end up bonding. We also get the comedy of Michelle thinking that Evie has just weeks to live which constantly spurs her on to try and complete the list of things to do. Then there is Sara and easy going Doctor Reed who is nice to everyone... I bet you can guess where this will lead. Basically "A Perfect Christmas List" does not break the bank when it comes to originality or in truth the humour.

But the thing is that whilst for many "A Perfect Christmas List" will be corny, for me it is exactly what I expect from a made for TV Christmas movie which is being more than a little but cheesy. But more importantly it has the look and it is easy to watch even if it isn't exactly memorable.

What this all boils down to is that "A Perfect Christmas List" is definitely not for everyone and is in reality just another made for TV Christmas movie. But if you enjoy the easy going and often cheesy nature of made for TV Christmas movies then this will be an easy one to watch.

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