Christmas Lodge (2011) Erin Karpluk, Michael Shanks, Michelle Creber, John Innes, Michael Kopsa, Rebecca Toolan, Victoria Banks, Michael Patric Movie Review

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Christmas Lodge (2011) starring Erin Karpluk, Michael Shanks, Michelle Creber, John Innes, Michael Kopsa, Rebecca Toolan

Faith, Family and Fixing the Lodge

On a weekend away from the city, Mary (Erin Karpluk - Mrs. Miracle) takes her boyfriend, Kent (Peter Benson - Christmas List), hiking up at Silver Falls where after coming to the aid of a young girl with a twisted ankle comes across Christmas Lodge, where Mary and her family spent many a happy Christmas when she was a child. And much to Mary's surprise Christmas Lodge is owned by Jack (Michael Shanks - Christmas Homecoming) who she was friends with growing up and who is now in the process of renovating the lodge, although is struggling as it has been neglected. Mary, along with her family, decide to help fix up the old lodge, all the time hoping that they can get it done so that Mary's frail Grampa (John Innes - The Christmas Train) can see it one more time. But the time spent up at Christmas Lodge brings a few surprises with it especially after Kent breaks up with Mary as he is a city boy not a mountain man.

When you look at the DVD cover for "Christmas Lodge" it is a bit misleading because it conjures up this image of a sappy, romantic drama at a snowy lodge, presumably set over Christmas. The truth is that whilst the movie ends with a snowy Christmas at this beautiful lodge and features a sweet little romantic drama "Christmas Lodge" is more of a religious movie all about having faith in God's guiding hand. Now I know some people who have watched "Christmas Lodge" have been seriously disappointed as it's not what they thought it would be, but watched in the knowledge that this isn't just a sweet Christmas romance and is about faith it ends up a touching little drama for all the family, very innocent, very sweet and very safe.

Erin Karpluk in Christmas Lodge (2011)

Now ignoring that part of "Christmas Lodge" which is about having faith in God and what you have left is a charming, inoffensive but very obvious romantic drama, although it is light on the drama. It doesn't take a genius to work out that Mary and Jack will end up becoming an item and with this beautiful lodge as a backdrop it is all very cute and sweet. In fact it is also very wholesome and innocent with it all being peachy clean, in fact so peachy clean that it is a little too nice. But it is charming and as the story eventually wends its way to it being Christmas at the lodge, and with snow covering the ground, it delivers the much anticipated picture perfect scene of the snowy lodge.

But there is the religious side to "Christmas Lodge" which ranges from various mentions of God, heaven, having faith in the Lord as well as using the story of Jesus to remind someone about doing good. Now none of that bothered me, yes it was at times less than subtle but it fitted in with the very innocent and wholesome drama. But as I already mentioned I know that some people who have watched "Christmas Lodge" have been offended by the religious aspect and disappointed in the fact it is not really a Christmas movie or at least not coming across how it looks. But if you are a believer and want a wholesome movie which touches on faith & family then "Christmas Lodge" should be on your watch list.

Aside from that, well to be honest the acting wasn't the most convincing and whilst both Erin Karpluk and Michael Shanks look the part the overly inoffensive nature of "Christmas Lodge" makes their characters a little unbelievable, basically for a romance the chemistry is never shown. But they look the part and have a gentleness about them which makes it easy to warm to their characters, in fact it is easy to like all the cast from Michelle Creber who plays Jack's daughter Charlene to John Innes who is Grampa.

What this all boils down to is that if you plan to watch "Christmas Lodge" because of the Christmassy scene on the DVD cover makes you think it will be a pleasant Christmas movie be warned because it is not so much about Christmas and romance but about faith & family. But if you are looking for a pleasant movie for all the family which touches on having faith in God then "Christmas Lodge" is well worth watching.

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