A Husband's Confession (2015) (aka: The Preacher's Sin) JR Bourne, Allie Gonino, Tara Spencer-Nairn, Tori Barban, Demi Oliver, Bill Lake, Stephanie La Rochelle Movie Review

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JR Bourne in A Husband's Confession (2015) (aka: The Preacher's Sin)

Testing an Uncle's Faith

Evan Tanning (JR Bourne - Sisters) is a man of God, a preacher and a radio show host who talks about good parenting whilst promoting the book he wrote on the subject. But it certainly feels like God is testing him having taken in his niece, Jamie (Allie Gonino - A Lesson in Romance), after her parents died, as he finds her rebellion a constant struggle. On top of that his boss at the radio station has offered him a promotion but with it comes a horrendous contract and it seems he has a son he knew nothing about it when he had a one night stand when he was a soldier, many years ago. But when Jamie is murdered and things point to college student Tinsley (Stephanie La Rochelle), his bosses daughter, Evan is faced with the biggest decision of his life when it comes to doing the right thing especially as his boss knows about the illegitimate child and is using it to blackmail him.

That is the sketchy plot to "A Husband's Confession", which is also known as "The Preacher's Sin", but in truth it can be simplified to say that Evan on discovering he has a secret son keeps it secret, when his boss finds out he uses it to blackmail him. Meanwhile his niece finds herself falling foul of his boss's daughter who is jealous of her and ends up killing her after causing her various problems. And so Evan finds himself facing a decision as to whether to tell the truth to clear his conscience and then get justice or suffer the pain of keeping secrets. And it is a surprisingly decent storyline, not always realistic or subtle but certainly a little different to the norm when it comes to TV movies.

Allie Gonino in A Husband's Confession (2015) (aka: The Preacher's Sin)

In fact one thing about "A Husband's Confession" which surprised me is that unlike many a movie which is made for TV this doesn't rush to get to the big drama and takes time to build up the various story threads. And in truth whilst at one point I could predict where one of the storylines was leading, that one where Evan learns of his illegitimate son, I wasn't entirely sure where the other was going and how it was all going to come together.

There are some other surprising positives when it comes to "A Husband's Confession" with the acting of JR Bourne, Allie Gonino and Demi Oliver, who plays Gabe, Evans' son, being all a cut above what you usually get in TV movies. Yes there is some poor acting elsewhere and some of the dialogue borders on the painful but these three have a naturalness to their acting which makes this more watchable.

What this all boils down to is that "A Husband's Confession" is slightly different to your run of the mill TV movies and a lot more engaging than I had expected. But whilst better than I expected it still has some of the issues which tend to plague TV movies.